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  1. That’s so wonderful to hear, it’s such a great spot! Next time I’m in Sydney I’ll definitely be going back ??

  2. My daughter took me there fir my birthday in August enjoyed every mouth when it was hubby’s birthday after hesring us rave about our meal so a return visit last week he was not disappointed can not wait to return

  3. This place looks like gastronomic heaven! We are prone to falling for bubbles too so don’t feel bad ;). Definitely adding to the list if/when we can get down to that area!

  4. Haha my thoughts exactly Robin, how could I have gotten past the bubbles 😉 It definitely felt more French than Aussie at Loluk!

  5. What an incredible lunch! The place is just charming and the food looks amazing. Your photos do make it look like you are in a bistro in France rather than Sidney! And I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t have gotten past the bubbles either! On a warm day, what could be more refreshing!?