Taylor Made 2020 Pinot Noir Rosé

Taylor Made 2020 Pinot Noir Rose

We had our 3rd attempt at making mozzarella/burrata on Saturday night and we finally found some milk that worked! We maybe had to drive a bit further to get it, but we ended up making 300g of mozzarella out of a 2litre bottle of Gippsland Jersey Unhomogenised Milk.

Thanks to Taylor Made Wines and Omnom Cheese Making we had our kit with all the equipment and instructions we needed + of course you can’t make cheese without wine right.

After being invited to the first cheese and wine class and being sent a kit for free, we ended up buying another kit and wine because we enjoyed it so much!

This bottle of the Taylor Made 2020 Pinot Noir Rosé was exactly what we needed to get our cheesemaking groove on.

From it’s gorgeous pink diamond shade to the mouth watering aromas of strawberries, citrus and fresh herbs – I could wait to tuck in. It’s dainty and pretty in the mouth. Making me think of strawberry and cranberry with a twist of lemon. Super refreshing and perfect with pizza topped with homemade mozzarella.

Yum! If you get a chance to do one of the Taylor Made X Omnom Cheesemaking online classes, do it!

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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