The Swan Valley Walking Tour – A Guilt Free Day of Drinking & Eating!

For as long as I can remember I have worried about my size and weight. It’s so sad to think that even when I was 13 I was obsessed with wanting to be a certain shape and size. Of course all those bullying kids didn’t help. I was so young, but also so naive.

Admittedly over 15 years later I still probably worry about it just as much, but at least now I can look past that and aim to be a healthier person rather than a certain size. Healthy living is the way to go, but I am not one of those people who will go to extremes, and you guys know that!

I love my wine (okay I admit it, I’m obsessed) and I love my food. Realistically, that is never going to change so I accept it with a big huge smile on my face. I just know that I need to balance all that glorious eating and drinking out with healthy living. And I do this with a lot of water drinking, exercising and a good old positive attitude.

So what I like to do, is mix the healthy with my lifestyle. Yep you know what I’m talking about!

So on my vendetta to a healthy lifestyle I have come up with a Swan Valley Self-Guided Walking Tour! The best bit is that it starts from the Guildford train station, so no sober driver needed! Plus it’s a good excuse to go shopping at Lorna Jane or Lululemon so you’re looking good for your day out in the Valley.

On this tour that I have put together and tested (just a few times to make sure it’s good enough for you guys!) you’ll visit 3 wineries and a brewery with a few optional stops along the way. You can most definitely take a bike on this tour if you want to move a bit quicker however I prefer to be on foot as I’m ultra unco on bikes!

The total distance is just under 13km – easy peasy! I’ve popped in a couple of extra options too like a brekkie stop, map stop and a dinner stop!

So without further adieu…

Stop 1 – Champagne Breakfast at Jezebelle – 400 metres

After you arrive at Guildford Train Station you can pop over the road for a much-needed full breakie with Champagne of course.

Stop 2 – Swan Valley Visitor Centre – 350metres

Just incase you want to grab a map or extra info the team at the visitor centre are fantastic.

Stop 3 – Riverbank Estate – 2.7km

Wine tasting stop number 1, wohoo! They also do food if you’re peckish.

Stop 4- Ambrook Estate – 2km

A great spot for a cheese platter (awesome value) and wine tasting.

Stop 5 – Pinelli Estate – 2.2km

A bit of a hill up to the cellar door, but there is wine tasting at the end!

Stop 6 – Ironbark Brewery – 1.1km

Finish the day off with a beer, cider or wine at this cute, off-the-beaten-path spot.

Stop 7 – Alfred’s Burger Kitchen – 3.6km

After making your way back to Guildford, you definitely deserve to stop in at Alfred’s for one of their tasty burgers or pot of soup. And then a short 450 metres and you’re back to the Guildford Train Station!

Very important items you should take:

  • Comfy shoes!
  • Backpack for your wallet and personal items + room for unexpected purchases!
  • Water bottle (I am sure the wineries will kindly fill it up for you, there is also a Caversham Store on West Swan Road if you need to purchase some)
  • Sunscreen and a hat, we do live in WA after all!

Swan Valley Walking Tour

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