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  1. That’s interesting to hear thoughts from the vendor side of things, it’s great you’re going back this year – I am sure the customers will appreciate. Who doesn’t love a good wine stand at a festival! Haha and yes, for me beer is a ‘no-thinking’ type of drink, I’m not thinking about the colour, smell or taste – just drinking! Thanks for popping by Elisha and yes I would love to try your wine at some stage! x

  2. The set up sounds a bit like a festival we were part of last year. I don’t know about this ‘crown/ token’ thing either. They had lots of bad reviews too. As we were the vendors however it was a different experience and we loved it and we are going again this year just to see if its improved and better. How good is it to switch to beer every once a while? Aggghhhhh!!! Sorry I haven’t commented for a while. Im still here and still very jealous of your wine drinking. Ill have to send you a sample of ours this year perhaps?? x

  3. Any idea of when 2015 dares will be? Missed ’14 so will make sure to diarise for next tears event. Happy to follow you around for all the good deals!

  4. Haha naturally I’m never too far from these things Jackie 🙂 Definitely looking forward to the Good Food & Wine Show, I’ll be stopping in to say hello for sure and picking up one or two of your pretty bottles. Mustn’t be long till the cellar door is open now 🙂

  5. Thank you for stopping in to read it 🙂 The night definitely didn’t turn out how I had planned, but that was definitely for the better! I’m interested to see if and what changes they may make in 2015…

  6. Should have known you were going TC. Fair comments on the food side of things and you did well to switch to the beer and wine! Looking forward to Good Food & Wine and will be behind the counter at the Barton Jones Wines stand instead of being a punter this time. Hope to see you there!

  7. That was an enjoyable read. I was given a free double pass to go, but after reading up on it, I thought it was going to be too pricey, even with the free entry. I’m waiting for the Good Food & Wine Show instead.