Life as a Pregnant Wine Blogger – Surprise!

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Yes this is totally what you think it is. I’m pregnant! In fact, Mr Spittoon and my baby boy is due to arrive next month! Yes, March 2020.

Casey in a i like to think wine misses me t-shirt sitting down

And do you know what? I have now been 233 days without wine. Whattttt I hear you say? It’s absolutely true! And more about that below.

So yes we have completely kept it on the down-low for the last 7.5 months – don’t hate me for it! I have wanted to share the news for awhile now (especially as I know a few TC readers are pregnant too/just had babies), however like many, our fertility journey has not been the easiest. For me, once I was pregnant again after going through a miscarriage and chemical pregnancy, I just wanted to enjoy the pregnancy as much as possible, offline, in the real world.

The cavet was, what do I do about the blog?

I absolutely love Travelling Corkscrew and creating online content around wine, so what the heck was I going to do? The thing is, I’m still so passionate about the industry, even if I can’t enjoy all the deliciousness myself. Therefore I have lived vicariously through others.

Casey in a i like to think wine misses me t-shirt standing up

In terms of wine tasting, I have sat it out completely and thanks to Mr Spittoon (the lucky bugger) and family and friends, I have continued to be able to share tasting notes on new and interesting wines. I can of course still analyse wines from a sight and smell point of view, however I leave the palate up to my fantastic tasting panels.

In fact you know what? Mr Spittoon has an incredible palate. Probably even better than mine! Shhh… don’t tell him that though, I don’t want him to get a big head!

So why am I sharing the news now? While this blog is all about sharing new wines, and sharing the stories behind those wines and the people who make them, this blog is also my personal journey through the wine world. It’s my open online wine diary I guess you could say. And therefore I want to share this journey through the TC, the move to become a mama – and a mama that loves her wine.

So going forward, I will have a little TC bundle of joy in tow and hopefully a glass of wine within reach.

Non-Alcoholic Wine for Pregnancy

Before I sign this post off, I do want to mention I tried a few of the non-alcohol wines during the last few months. Nothing really stood out to me. However while in New Zealand I did quite enjoy the Lindauer Sparkling Grape Juice 0.0% in both the White and Rosé.

Other than that, I’ve been sipping on various types of waters and some no-sugar sodas. The range of beverages was narrowed down further once I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes though. Although, even if I am only enjoying a glass of water over pre-dinner nibbles – I still have it in one of my Riedel or Plumm wine glasses!

However the end is in sight and it won’t be too long till I am reunited with one of my best friends – I miss you wine!

Drinking alcoholic wine in pregnancy
Lindauer Sparkling Grape White - Non Alcoholic Wine pregnant

6 thoughts on “Life as a Pregnant Wine Blogger – Surprise!

  1. Thanks so much Virginia – I have no doubt the wine free time is all worth it. Just feeling those baby kicks in the womb right now is worth it 🙂 Thanks for popping by the blog x

  2. Thanks so much Robin and yes it’s a very interesting experience! I find it super interesting when Mr Spittoon tastes and mentions the same descriptors I have already notes down for the nose. I definitely think of my sense of smell has increased with pregnancy too – which is fantastic! xx

  3. We are so excited for you! Congratulations!! What a fantastic way to enjoy wine through others. It’s like a different kind of blind tasting! Meshing what you smell with someone else’s description of the taste! I wonder if you found your sense of smell to be different during pregnancy?

    Here’s to a new little TC bundle! Can’t wait to give him a big welcome to the world!

    Sending much much MUCH Love!

  4. Congratulations Casey, from one wine lover to another its worth the wine free time. My youngest is 23 so it’s been a while but I can still remember.
    Enjoy your new baby. It’s a very special time.

  5. Hi Marshall, I am definitely not saying consuming a small amount of wine/alcohol is good or bad – I will leave that up to professionals. However for me personally, I have not wanted to drink during my pregnancy, that is my own decision and it should not disappoint or please anyone because it’s my life, my body and my baby. I would rather advocate that women do what they want with their bodies and follow the advice of their obstetricians. Thank you for leaving your thoughts though and I wish you all the best too 🙂

  6. I’m disappointed. Pregnancy does not prevent the mother from enjoying wine. You could have a couple glasses a day safely. You could spit – as most professionals – without imbibing. I was hoping to read that you were a voice in the wilderness of mis-information. I understand that yours has not been an easy fertility journey – and that emphasizes caution. I was just hoping for something different. But, that’s me … I do wish you all the best. The pregnancy journey is thrilling and motherhood is a new experience every day. Best to you!

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