Pearls for Wine Lovers – Introducing Proud Pearls

Wine Jewelry by Proud Pearls It’s always such a feel-good moment when someone compliments you on your outfit, appearance or a new piece of jewellery (whether they’ve had a few wines or not, it’s always welcome in my books!). Recently my lovely friend ‘L’ gave me an absolutely stunning gift which fits my wine-enthusiast personality so well. It also seems to catch the eye of a lot of like-minded wine loving fashionistas out there! Continue reading

Drink Wine This Christmas For A Good Cause via Good Spender

Goodwill Sparkling Wine & PlatterWe all love to drink wine, especially over the holiday season however sometimes it’s tricky to justify the spend when you’re meant to be saving or perhaps have already bought more wine than you really should of lately. So what happens if I tell you that this Christmas you can buy wine (plus a wide range of gifts) and the profits will go to supporting a multitude of social causes from disability, environment, homelessness, refugee, fair trade, education, Indigenous, youth, and other disadvantaged sectors? It sounds like a pretty good reason to go shopping and buy wine if you ask me!
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2004 Cristal Champagne + Some Really Good News!

Casey aka Travelling Corkscrew & Cristal Champagne
Recently I was lucky enough to drink Louis Roederer’s Cristal Champagne for the very first time. Mr. Spittoon sourced a bottle of the 2004 vintage through our local bottle shop, Chateau Guildford Cellarbrations for a very special occasion. I have always wanted to try the yellow/orange cellophane clad bottle of approximately 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay blended bubbles which has a synonymous history with the rich and famous. Continue reading