Who’s behind the Champagne Cap Jewellery? Exclusive Q&A with Kiron Barui

Kiron Barui Wearing Memories DesignerRecently you would have seen my social media channels overtaken with a certain jewellery range. Wearing Memories is an exclusive jewellery range specially designed to hold the caps from Champagne bottles (or ‘plaque de muselet’ if you will).

This line of specialised wine jewellery is the brainchild of Australian Designer, Kiron Barui who patented her design globally in 2012. Being a Champagne lover myself, I really wanted to get to know more about the lady behind this gorgeous jewellery range and find out how it came to be.

It was hard to track down this global businesswoman and socialite as she balances her career with being a mother of two teenagers, a wife to a busy surgeon, a member of the school board, a very active member of the Toowoomba cancer council and has 4 fur-babies, a cat and 3 dogs! Pheeww I’m tired just typing that!

A huge thank-you to Kiron for taking the time out for this wee Q&A!

Wearing Memories Champagne Cap Jewellery ring and kangaroo pouch

1. How did you come up with the idea of Champagne cap jewellery?
In 2011 my town experienced the most devastating national disaster and many lives were lost. My friends and I felt life was too short started to drink champagne and socialise every weekend. The more champagne I drank the more obsessed I became with each house, its history and the blends. I would pop a bottle and say that’s the sound of happiness as the cork went flying. I also collected all the caps and would write the date and occasion on the reverse side. I would wear the cage (plaque de muselet) on my finger so I know exactly which champagne I was tasting After a few weeks I thought right!!! I need a ring to hold all my champagne memories.

2. When was the moment you knew Wearing Memories was going to take on the world?
The day that Wearing Memories was accepted into Harrod’s prestigious department store in London, I felt elated! My champagne sisters and I are always talking about taking over the world one bubbly glass at a time…as we are all from different parts of the world, working toward the same goal: sharing the sound of happiness, working on our businesses and creating memories every time we pop a cork. Since then, Wearing Memories has enjoyed a steady progression of being accepted into places around the world, one bottle, cap and piece at a time! I am constantly thrilled when I see folks on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, posting photos of their Wearing Memories pieces being enjoyed with friends and loved ones, creating memories that will live forever with them while enjoying a bottle of favorite champagne (or two!). I love being an entrepreneur, and as I always say, I LOVE when a good plan comes together!

3. Who is your inspiration?
I received my inspirations from many people who are important in my life. Especially my father who keeps me grounded and always makes me realise what is truly important. I am constantly inspired by Madame Clicquot whose strength as a business woman in the 18th century is unheard of. I am also inspired by the energy of my team and the passion they have for Wearing Memories.

Wearing Memories Champagne Cap Jewellery

4. What has been the biggest highlight for you since Wearing Memories was created?
When Wearing Memories was stocked in Harrods it was an amazing day for me. Wearing Memories even made it into the Harrods Top 20.

You can hear the moment I found out about this incredible news being stocked by Harrods on this link interview with Bubbly Talk Radio here

A more recent exciting development was signing my first Australian Retailer – Crown Perth, where our current collection is stocked in the beautiful La Vie Champagne Lounge –it’s glamorous and luxuriously furnished in the Belle Époque era – a personal favourite of mine. I am so proud to now have my product available in my own country!!

5. I love how you present your jewellery in kangaroo hide pouches, why do you do this?
I love how my product is 100% Australian designed and made. I am very proud to be Australian and I wanted the packaging to also reflect this. So from the moment you receive your piece you know it is from Down Under.

Wearing Memories Jewellery Champagne Cap Bracelet

Image sourced from www.wearingmemories.com

6. What is your absolute favourite Champagne?

I am in love with all Champagnes and could never have just one that I really loved. Each house has its own style that fits the occasion and the setting. Like at sunset I love to drink a beautiful rose like Canard Duchne Charles VII. At the end of the evening I love a bit of Bolli with its amazing bouquet of AŸ. I also love the style and variety that smaller growers also offer in their Champagnes. So you see I could never decide! I drink the champagne of my mood.

7. Which Champagne do you think has the most beautiful cap?
Without a doubt Perrier Jouet Belle Epoquet has to be the prettiest cap. However once you know the memory behind the cap any cap looks beautiful. It’s like when you get to know a person’s personality they start to look even more beautiful.

8. From the stunning Wearing Memories range, what is your favourite piece to wear and why?
I love wearing the flower ring. As you know I love to wear what I am drinking and this ring was designed as the big princess diamond ring. Well I could never have a diamond that big so I designed a ring for my caps that looks like a big diamond ring. However now I find my caps far more precious.

9. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be and why?
Ohhh I am in love with Bath. I am a Janiet at heart and every time I go to Bath and walk the streets I feel like I am home. I have the happiest memories there and would maybe like to live there later in life. I had this one moment were I met with some friends in the garden of the Royal Crescent hotel and we popped bottles of champagne on a summer’s evening and watch a hot air balloon rise in the distance. It was magical.

Wearing Memories Jewellery Champagne Cap Necklace

Image sourced from www.wearingmemories.com

I completely agree with Kiron, opening a bottle of Champagne is truly “the sound of happiness” and every time I look down at my Wearing Memories cocktail ring a smile comes across my face as I reminisce of a fabulous celebration, a loved one or simply the memory of how delicious that gorgeous bottle of bubbles was.

I can’t wait to see the Wearing Memories jewellery range grow as it has such a unique point of difference and I know so many women and men (there are some gorgeous cuff links in the range) would love to wear a piece of handcrafted sterling silver work of art. Plus I’m hoping the more I hint about how perfect this wine lovers jewellery range is for me to Mr. Spittoon, the more he’ll want to start ordering for upcoming presents 😉 A girl can hope!

For more information, please check out the Wearing Memories website or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. The Wearing Memories range is available exclusively in Western Australia at La Vie Champagne Lounge at the Crown Hotel Perth.

Check out my first blog post on Wearing Memories here.

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