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  1. As a long time buckfast youth of Glasgow, now a married father living in Adelaide. I really am surprised nobody has mentioned the real drinking etiquette…. straight from the bottle. If you pour it in a glass which I’ve only tried once (and that’s more than most Scotsmen) you can smell it strongly which totally affects the taste. Straight from the bottle is the only way to truly experience buckfast as the monks intended.

  2. Haha it is a very curious drink indeed! I am also hanging out to try the slushies and perhaps over ice with lime would be quite nice too 🙂

  3. The idea of tonic wine always sounds terrible to me. Probably as I’m comparing it to herbal liqueur like Jaegermeister, which I hate (not a strong enough word!!!). You’ve provided a fantastic review though and I am curious as to the Buckie slushies… I guess I drink iced coffee slushes so maybe this will be a more effective caffeine hit! Haha. What a curious drink 😉