5 Totally Gangsta Wines

5 Totally Gangsta Wines - TravellingCorkscrew.com.auIt’s no secret that growing up, I wanted to be the┬áIggy Azalea of the hood in my black lowered Honda Civic with tints. I couldn’t get enough of hip hop music and I totally thought I could make it to gangsta status. Haha… Are you laughing yet? If you know me, then you most probably are. Continue reading

11 Tips To Become A Champagne Sabre Master

11 Tips to Become a Champagne Sabre Master - Travelling Corkscrew Wine Blog
A couple of years ago, Mr. Spittoon gave me a Canard Duchene Champagne Sabre for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It is the ultimate party trick if you can pull it off. Of course as soon as I got the sword I had to give it a go. I already had drunk a couple of glasses of wine, so my confidence was high and I literally popped the top off on my first go! I was very proud to say the least. Continue reading