Where to Buy Swan Valley Wine from Online

buying-wine-online-from-the-swan-valleyI hear it time and time again, ‘but the Swan Valley is so far away’ – and that’s coming from people who live in Perth! I understand for some it is a bit of a trek but when you meet Perthians who have been to the SV once or twice in their lives and are big winos, well it’s a darn shame! That coupled with the fact the Swan Valley wines aren’t widely accessible to buy from local liquor shops means a lot of people are missing out on the stunning wines coming out of one of the closest wine regions to a major city in the world! But don’t fret guys, I have done my research and found a number of Swan Valley Wineries who will deliver to your door! Continue reading

The Travelling Corkscrew Wine Club Officially Launches!

The TC Wine Club - facebookIt was an exciting moment for me when the TC Wine Club launched this week. I have been working closely with Tom from The Wine Gallery (TWG) over the last few months to bring you something unlike anything else on the market. This is the first online wine club of its kind and between you and me, I think we’re going to have a bit of fun. No rules, no wine snobbery, just a whole lot of wine and some good online wine chatter. Book clubs were so last year! Continue reading