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Share Enjoy Savour box from Wine Selectors Customised Wine PlansNow that I live in the ‘country’ and really only have the big chain bottle shops to buy from, I really really really appreciate how easy it is to shop online for wine. There are so many choices when it comes to buying wine online, which I love. Recently the team at Wine Selectors asked me to be a guinea pig for their new Customised Wine Plans and I think you guys are going to really love it!

Firstly though, a big thank you to Wine Selectors for sending me a case to try out. Mr Spittoon and I had great fun opening it and we’re working our way through all the delectable wines inside.

Opening up my Share Enjoy Savour box from Wine Selectors Customised Wine Plan Delivery

Before I get stuck into telling you about the new wine plans, let me tell you a bit about Wine Selectors first.

Who are Wine Selectors?

Wine Selectors focus on selling Australian wines online. They have been running for over 44 years now and have more than 200,000 customers nationwide. They have over 3000 wines to purchase online from over 500 wineries around the country.

Prior to selling a wine, every single wine undergoes a blind tasting by the Wine Selectors tasting panel. Each wine must meet a certain standard of quality before it becomes part of their portfolio. The tasting panel is made up wine show judges, educators, and winemakers.

I have collaborated with Wine Selectors on numerous occasions. You can view my Wine Selectors blog posts and tasting notes here.

Wine Selectors Customised Wine Plan - Wine Box

Wine Selectors New Customised Wine Plans

There are many wine subscriptions out there that you can sign up for today. So the question is, what makes this one special?

How the customised wine plans work:

What I really love about these plans is that you choose the wine styles and varieties you like and then Wine Selectors surprises you with wines that meet your choices. Here’s how it works:

  1. You head to their customised wine plan webpage
  2. Then you pick the quantity you would like (by the case – 12 bottles)
  3. Next, you choose what you love drinking (this covers your typical grape varieties, to styles like sparkling or fortified and to fun categories like Mediterranean Reds and ‘other reds/whites’ which include more alternative grape varieties like Chambourcin, Durif, Petit Manseng and Roussanne)
  4. Finally, you choose the frequency you’d like wines delivered from intervals of 2-12 weeks

Here’s a video explaining the process:

The cost is $199 including delivery, so approximately $16.50 per bottle.

There are no lock-in contracts with these plans and you can also change your preferences at any time, which is great. So in summer you may want a case full of whites and roses, while in the cooler months you might opt for a red wine selection.

The extras

Plus there’s more! When you sign up for a customised wine plan you also get the below:

  • Bi-monthly Wine Selectors magazine
  • An annual calendar that matches gourmet seasonal recipes to outstanding Australian wines
  • Tasting booklet
  • Invitations to exclusive events around the country
  • Annual $30 Birthday e-voucher to put towards your next order

Booklets inside the Wine Selectors Customised Wine Plan Delivery

My Experience

So what wines did I pick for my trial order? Here is what I went for:

  • Sparkling Wine x 2
  • Rose x 2
  • Chardonnay x 2
  • Other whites x 2
  • Mediterranean Reds x 2
  • Pinot Noir x 2

I was really happy with the selection of wines that showed up. The delivery didn’t even take a week to reach me either, which was fantastic. Here are the bottles I received in my pack – I will be popping up tasting notes here as I work my way through them.

Wines from Wine Selectors

Please note: Cat not included in wine delivery 😉

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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