10 Wine Cupcake Recipes You Need In Your Life

10 Wine Cupcake Recipes You Need In Your Life
If you didn’t see on social media recently, I attempted to make champagne cupcakes. There is no doubt about it, they were truly amazing – and so I would hope so after 2 hours in the kitchen! They were the most decadent and delicious pieces of goodness perfect for any bubbly lover (recipe is #1 below). Prior to this, I have made Sauvignon Blanc cupcakes which are super easy to make and delicious. So I thought why not put a list together of some of the most yummiest wine cupcake recipes on the net for your cupcake pleasure.

1. Sparkling Champagne Cupcakes by Popsugar

Oh my, these are heaven. If I wasn’t having a destination wedding, these babies would be what our wedding cake would consist of! The recipe uses American terms but it’s easy enough to follow after I googled what ‘2 sticks of butter’ in grams are for instance. I think for me the highlight is the ‘pastry cream’ or what I would call ‘the most amazing champagne infused custard in the world’. This delightful goodness which is inside the cupcake is out of this world good. I would make up a bowl of this and eat it straight! I couldn’t recommend this recipe enough.

2. Sauvignon Blanc Cupcakes by Betty Crocker

This was the first ever wine cupcakes recipe I tried and I never looked back. They are always a crowd-pleaser and they are super easy and quick to make. They’re so light and fluffy that you’ll find the whole batch will be devoured before you know it.

Sauvignon Blanc Wine Cupcakes

3. Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes by Jennifer Meyering

How can you go wrong with the chocolate and red wine combo? I looooove the look of this recipe by Jennifer Meyering – that vibrant red frosting is simply the icing on the cake – no pun intended 🙂

4. Raspberry Rosé Wine Cupcakes by Completely Delicious

Raspberries and rosé wine – seriously what is not to like in that combo? These oh so pretty in pink cupcakes look absolutely delicious and perfect for a girly get-together! The recipe calls for 1 & 1/2 cups of wine, so there’ll be plenty left over for the chef 😉

5. Mulled Wine Cupcakes by Domestic Gothess

These are the ultimate winter and Christmas time cupcakes! Use your favourite mulled wine recipe and whip up a mouthful of chocolately-spiced goodness!

6. Strawberry Wine Vegan Cupcakes by One Green Planet

This one is for my vegan friends! And to be honest, even if you’re not vegan – this sound scrumptious! Plus I love the addition of fresh strawberries.

7. Dark Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes by Honycomb

Oh my god, dark chocolate makes this girl go weak at the knees. So rich, so decadent and I like to think it’s pretty good for you (well better than some other things!). Team dark chocolate up with red wine and you have an oh so sexy match. Keep these as the special ‘adults-only’ stash at the next children’s birthday 🙂

8. Mini Mimosa Cupcakes by The Silly Girl’s Kitchen

There’s two things I like about this recipe. 1 – they are mini, who doesn’t love mini versions of yummy foods and 2 – they are mimosa flavoured! A mimosa is basically the fancy name for sparkling wine mixed with orange juice. The cupcake is orange juice infused and then topped with a champagne/sparkling wine buttercream frosting. Drooool!

9. Saffron Cupcakes with Red Wine Caramel Sauce by Indiaphile

This recipe really intrigues me as I’ve never had saffron cupcakes. However to be honest, it’s the red wine caramel sauce that sucked me in. I could actually see me making up a batch of this caramel sauce and eating it all on the couch with the cats. Brutally honest right here.

10. Sangria Cupcakes by The First Year Blog

These cupcakes look so pretty!! I love all the fresh fruit used in the recipe and especially the 2 cups of wine in the buttercream icing. Get in my belly!

And then to top it off, why not serve up your cupcakes in plastic wine glasses like these guys did! Love it!

Plus I have created a Pinterest album where I am adding even more recipes, so check it out here.

Wine & Cupcake Pairing Chart

Image sourced via: www.tabelog.us

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  1. I think the best course of action is to start from #1 and work your way through to #10 Rosemary 😉

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