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  1. It is supposed to rain in Margaret River all this weekend. Great for the plants, not so great for those of us will be camping…
    A Redbrook and Muster treat will give us a precious few dry hours, and a chance to swap the scrabble board for tasting notes.

  2. What a experience it would be to be in Margret River and to celebrate this occasion with my partner and to taste some of the best Wine in the country.

  3. I have never been lucky enough to experience something like this before and to have the chance to do so would be awesome. I love both red and white wine and to be able to treat myself and let my hair down for this special event with my beautiful partner would be such a memorable day.

  4. Evans and Tate
    With Margaret River soil and sun,
    Shall cultivate
    Such laughs and fun,
    In the sharing of Redbrook wine and tasty Muster food
    A glass of red, my love and I
    why, life is surely good

  5. Over the years I have drunk enough of their wine to pay for lunch there for a year straight!! But sadly we have never been to the winery! I would love to check out the fabulous menu along with one of my fave drops, their classic white mmmmm

  6. Ooh wine sweet wine,
    Where for art thou,
    The pinots and merlots,
    The muller thurgau,
    Some sparkling,
    Some still,
    Room temperature,
    or chilled,
    Oh wine sweet wine,
    To guzzle or swill,
    So what’s the best?
    In this contest,
    Some say chardy or sav blanc
    Viognier or cab franc,
    But the choice is easy for me!
    It’s not Malbec or gewurts,
    Though I love all sorts,
    The best wine my friends is what’s free!!!

  7. its my dedicated hubby to our 3 babies birthday that day – this would be the ultimate present!

  8. Here is my heartfelt, witty and thoughtful reason for wanting to attend the Evans & Tate Winemaker lunch.
    My heart has fallen for a wine connoisseur and although my love of wine is deep and everlasting I haven’t the depth of knowledge that he has. I would love to share this experience with him. thank you 🙂

  9. I’d love to win, but living in Melbourne I’m a bit far away! Good luck to everyone who enters. I’m sure the winner will have a fabulous time!

  10. Being the first comment-er shows my dedication 😉 and this just sounds like an incredible event to attend!!

  11. Being the first comment-er shows my dedication as a reader 😉 and this just sounds like an incredible event to attend!!