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  1. I was suppose to write it up Saturday night but I carried away with drinking more vino when I got home! The wine theatre is always our first stop when we get in the gates to suss out the timings 🙂 Glad you both had a lovely time Lulu and so great to meet you!

  2. I actually saw a couple tasting with the wine glasses that looked the same as Reidel or Plumm but they were plastic. They brought their own glasses because they couldn’t stand tasting with the free ones. It was nice to see some true wine lovers at the event instead of just wine drinkers.
    It’s a shame that we didn’t get in to the wine theater. Every time we walked past, it was full. I though you had to pre-book.
    My partner is impressed that you put together this article so quickly. He is now following you as well on Google+. Keep the good work up Casey! 🙂