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  1. Oh wow that is awesome to hear Julian, yes it certainly is an interesting tipple and one that Mann do very well!

  2. Just stumbled over your blog. Glad to hear Mann’s is still producing their top notch sparklers. I first had a bottle of the Cygne Blanc in about 2001 and I couldn’t believe that such a good sparkling could come out of the Swan Valley.

    A couple of years ago I also had a bottle of still Cygne Blanc which was grown at Mt Benson in South Australia. It was drinkable but not as good as the sparkler.

  3. I’m so glad to hear you’ve discovered Mann now David, it truly is a hidden gem! And you can’t go wrong with lunch at Broads either, great food, wine and setting 🙂

  4. Well Casey, Aileen and I went up to the Mann Winery thanks to your recommendation. What wonderful wines! Loved Mr Mann’s company as well as the wines. Ended up buying a dozen White CS and 6 rosè as a start to the summer. Thanks for a great tip. We’ll be back next year!
    Travelled 250m down the road for a wonderful lunch at Broads. Lovely day out.
    Regards, David