Sherrah 2018 ‘White et al’ Fiano / Chenin Blanc

 Sherrah 2018 ‘White et al’ Fiano / Chenin Blanc

Yes I’m a little obsessed with my unique white wine blends at the moment. This one is a blend of mostly Fiano and Chenin Blanc grapes – two varieties I love by themselves. And when combined, they are pretty tasty too!

I received this sample of the Sherrah 2018 ‘White et al’ from Good Pair Days (thank you!!). It’s made from McLaren Vale fruit in South Australia.

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Twill & Daisy 2019 Fiano

Twill and Daisy 2019 Fiano“Refreshing contemporary wine from Australia, thanks to minimal intervention”

What’s minimal intervention you ask? There are a number of interpretations of this wine term, however to me it signifies that the winemaker lets the grapes speak for themselves. They add only what’s necessary (aka sulphur for preservation). So they are going along the ‘natural wine’ route however at the end of the day it really comes down to understanding a winemakers process as to how they have made the wine from grape to bottle.

Which brings me to this brand new wine label recently released by Pure Wine Co – Twill & Daisy. I was lucky enough to receive a sample pack of the wines, which I am looking forward to sharing with you over the coming weeks. Continue reading