Pinchos Tapas Bar Perth – Stick it to me hombre!

Pinchos Leederville Meat PlatterI have to admit nothing has changed much since my school days, lunch is still one of my favourite parts of the day!
Pinchos Bar Leederville PerthThis is now even more so since I’ve started working in Leederville and discovered one of the newest Leederville restaurants, Pinchos – a Spanish inspired wine and tapas bar which is fantastically affordable (prices start from $1!!). Pincho or Pintxo literally means thorn or spike. In Spain, typically in northern Spain, small bite size snacks are served on toothpicks or skewers at bars for a small sum of money.
Pinchos Leederville Pork BellyPinchos in Leederville serves both Pintxo from $1 a pop up to a variety of different tapas and special lunchtime wrap options. Once seated in the cozy European like bar you are given a paper menu and pen so you can mark down the quantity of what you want to order. Since I’d have trouble pronouncing a lot of the Spanish names this makes life a hell-of-a lot easier!
Pinchos Leederville Perth TapasI love this style of eating, various bite size morsels of different dishes from only $1. I like to try a bit of everything, I’m greedy like that! Upon my first visit to Pinchos (yes there has been a few!) it reminded me very much of my time backpacking in Spain. From the paella pans hanging on the walls to the Estrella dam serviette holders to the bright art works and the carafe’s of sangria ready to go. The small cozy, almost cramped style of the bar reminded me of Can Paixano in Barcelona – I was half wanting the place to pack out and the Cava to be served up in coupe glasses. When I was travelling in the Penedés on my Cava journey I actually had a pintxos experience at Cava Berdie in the Penedés.
Pinchos Leederville Tapas, Beer and WineTo be honest with you I have yet to dislike anything I have had at Pinchos. The first time I went I had the Chorizo Wrap with apple & fennel slaw, cheese and paprika served up with crisps for $9 plus I couldn’t help myself and had a Pintxos Jamón with it for $2 which is a ham, potato omelette with a caper berry. Aka the ‘Spanish Omelette which I know very well (find out just how well I know the Spanish Omelette in my post here).
Pinchos Leederville WineThe second time I went I had the ham & cheese toaste… Diiiiiiivvvvvviiiinnnnneeee! I know if I’m ever at work hung over, that this will be the magic cure!
Pinchos Leederville Menu & PensAnd… Yes there’s more. I recently went for lunch, had a range of Pintxos and a glass of cava. Here’s what my $16 lunch consisted of:

  • $8 glass of Cava Pere Ventura Mas Pere Brut Selección
  • $1 Pintxos Palmitos – palm hearts, olive, tomato + cheese
  • $2 Pintxos Chorizo con Miel – sausage, honey + cheese
  • $2 Almendras – smoked almonds
  • $3 Pan con Aceite y Vinagre PX – ciabatta, PX vinegar + evoo

Pinchos Leederville Perth TakeawayIt was a substantial lunch for 1, my favourite had to be the chorizo and honey – delicious!! The smoked almonds were so intriguing, something really different and definitely moorish. Click on the images below to view the Pinchos tapas and drinks menu.

Pinchos Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato The only downside of Pinchos is the wine list, it definitely needs to be bulked out a bit. I understand that this type of bar in Europe would do the same and have a small selection of vino on offer however I was really hoping to see a bigger selection of Spanish wines on offer. I would love to see the wine list grow, more Cava and Rioja would be great to see.
Pinchos Leederville TakeawayOther than that I’ll be looking forward to my next work lunch treat. Until next time Pinchos, adios!
Pinchos Leederville Spanish OmeletFor more information, check out the Pinchos Leederville Facebook page here.

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  1. I would love to see some Swan Valley (local) wines on the list, how about a flor fino or a sweet PX to go with the Tapas? Now the Australian $ is lower it is a great time to buy local and save.

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