Jezebelle Guildford – You rock my world!

I don’t usually post on the weekend but I simply can’t help myself today – my excitement of my visit to Jezebelle in Guildford on Thursday night has me all giddy and bubbling at the seams! From the Beer Tails to Arimia Wines on the wine list to the most delectable tapas – ahhhh wino & foodie alert!!

I like to visit different places but there’s something about Jezebelle which keeps drawing me back. And you know what, I know exactly what it is! The food, the cocktails and the wine list simply keeps getting better and better. Having recently released a new menu, I thought it was a pretty good excuse to make a re-visit. It would be rude not to after all.

We booked a table in advance however on this particular Thursday night it would of been fine to just show up. Friday nights and brekkie on the weekend are the only times I’ve found that I really need to make a booking if I don’t want to miss out.

The service is very laid back, they’ll let you take your time, not pressuring you or hovering. The menus are pretty straight forward and concise. Quality over quantity. Plus they are always refreshing the menus which I find both good and bad as I initially I’m like.. “Where is that XXXX that I love??” And then I’ll order something new and absolutely swoon over it! It’s a hard life!

I also have to say that I love the definitions at the bottom of the menu – having things like bravas and bacalao defined makes decision making easy. Yes you could always ask however normally I wouldn’t bother which would mean skipping over possibly a stunning plate of food.

The cocktail menu has recently been updated as well. They don’t fancy their cocktails up with garnishes which I have to admit I was a little disappointed about HOWEVER as soon as I tasted my “She could never remember which was better… safe…? …or sorry?” Caprioska and my “Why yes, I am that kind of girl…” Harlot’s Colada I couldn’t give a damn about what they looked like as they tasted divine. Mr. Spittoon also declared on this visit that Jezebelle in Guildford make the best dirty martini in Perth! Big words!

What I also found interesting are the new “Beer Tails” on the menu, check out what’s in these beer cocktails by viewing the Jezebelle drinks menu here. I have heard through the twitter grapevine that they are pretty spectacular too!

Now for the wine list… Again it’s concise but full of hidden gems. I just love the French Champas at $19 a glass – however I just wish they’d get some decent glassware. The flutes are those heavy stumpy generic ones – some Plumm or Riedel glassware would really do justice here.

I was also happily surprised to see Arimina Wines on the list (read my post on Arimia Wines in the Margaret River here) – after chatting to our super friendly waitress she explained that they like to source smaller, boutique wines for the list. With a good selection of both local WA wines and international wines the wine list will continue to keep pulling me back with an invisible magnetic force!

So what’s the new food menu like?? The combinations are divine – everything was cooked to perfection, the dishes came out in a timely manner and basically we licked every plate clean. Here is what we ordered and I’m not afraid to say that I would recommend all the dishes below very highly:

  • Bravas, smoky tomato, crème fraîche, $10
  • Paella balls, chorizo, prawns, saffron aioli, $14
  • Crispy fried chicken tortillas, chili jam, radish, $19
  • Black Angus sirloin, chimmichurri, wild rice, mole, $26

The Black Angus Sirolion was insanely delicious, the flavours and textures were AMAZING. The fried chicken tortillas melt in your mouth like nobodies business. My only small teeny tiny critique would be that the Bravas needed a touch more crisping up, however the flavour on them and the smoky tomato chutney were mouth-watering!

Our food and 6 drinks between 2 of us came to $180. It was definitely a splurge night (my birthday after all!!) however you can definitely have a meal for 2 a lot cheaper, especially if you opt for a bottle of wine over glasses. Check out the Jezebelle food menu here.
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I couldn’t ask for a better wining and dining spot close to my house. I’d dare say even if I lived over the otherwise of town I’d definitely make regular trips back!

For more information please check out the Jezebelle website or the Jezebelle Facebook page – however be warned this Facebook page will have all your taste buds tingling!

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  1. You definitely should Laura, plus it’s so close to Guildford train station that you could always go via public transport (the drinks list is too good to be driving!) – the sirloin is a definitely must if your a meat eater too 😉

  2. I’ve been past Jezebelle a few times whilst wandering around the antique stores of Guildford… but I’ve never actually been in there to dine. Your raving review makes me want to though, sounds absolutely delicious and the food looks divine. Particularly enamoured by the look of those paella balls. YUM!

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