Hot Wine Beverage Ideas To Cure Winter Blues (excl. Mulled Wine)

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So summer was all about rosé, frosé and white wine to help cool down from the hot Australian and New Zealand summer. As the weather cools and the ugg boots come out, it’s time to start thinking about our winter wine choices. As soon as you hear ‘hot wine’ you naturally think of all those delightful mulled wine recipes, however, a few months ago on my Facebook page, the lovely Carma, suggested I do a post on other hot wine beverages that would be fun to try. 

So here we are! Now I haven’t had a chance to try all the mentioned recipes yet, however, be assured that I will make my way through them during the winter and naturally post about them on my social media channels – so stay tuned! I am completely happy to be your guinea pig when it involves wine.

1. Wine Coffee

Funnily enough, as soon as I committed to writing this post, the lovely Wine Folly put up an article on ‘wine coffee’. Yes, you read that right and what an intriguing idea it is – could this be the new version of the espresso martini that all us winos have been waiting for?

In the post, it talks about both wine flavoured coffee beans alongside drinks you can actually purchase in the states such as Cabernet Coffee Espresso™ and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino™. At the end of the post is a pretty tasty sounding recipe for a Russian Coffee Cocktail which is made up of; vodka, coffee, red wine and simple syrup served in a chilled wine glass. While not really a hot beverage, it may alight your taste buds.

2. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

It was actually last winter I saw recipes floating around for red wine infused hot chocolate and thought I must give it a go. I can just picture myself snuggled up on the couch with a nice big mug of red wine infused hot chocolate while it’s pouring with rain outside.

I’ve checked out a few recipes, however, I think the first one I’m going to give a go (that’s if I simply don’t fumble through creating my own one) is this simple recipe via VinePair although I also like the sound of Kitchn’s cinnamon-y version!

Here are some more recipes that are worth checking out:

Or try a Hot Choc Spoon – Sparkling Champagne Kir Royal

I picked up this wine-y Hot Choc Spoon from the lovely folks over at Just In Time Gourmet and oh my what a treat! First off, I love the concept – what a great idea for a hot chocolate. And secondly, the taste was divine. I could live on these all winter long 😉Hot Choc Spoon - Sparkling Champagne from Just In Time Gourmet

3. Chilli Wine

Okay, by touch it may not be classed as a ‘hot wine’ but after a few sips some chilli wine (like this one here from Harris Organic Wines in the Swan Valley) will have your taste buds tingling for sure.

There are a number of wineries around the world who release wines with the addition of chillies in. Locally here in Perth you have folks like Stakehill Estate and Harris Organic Wines making speciality chilli infused wines on occasion. Further abroad there are places like Disaster Bay Chillies making a 12%abv Hot Chilli Wine that is meant to be enjoyed out of a liqueur glass. And if you’re really keen then you can follow Chili Pepper Madness’s instructions on how to make your own chilli wine!

At the end of the day if you’re a ‘purist’ and couldn’t fathom mixing wine with anything else then I would suggest grabbing a bottle of red wine or port/fortified wine that has a higher than 14%abv – as after a couple of glasses it’ll definitely start to warm the cockles of your heart!

If you know of any other ‘hot wine’ ideas please leave a comment below 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hot Wine Beverage Ideas To Cure Winter Blues (excl. Mulled Wine)

  1. Oooo so a mulled wine crossed with chocolate – I like the sound of that!! Will definitely have to try it out, thanks for the tip Mary 🙂

  2. Oooh you must try my hot chocolate with wine??Recipe from my granny! Better with Shiraz but I prefer with Zinfandel and no added sugar. It’s really good and a winter warming beverage for wine/chocolate lovers.
    Prepare the mulled wine with generous spices(extra cinnamon, anise star, cloves and nutmeg).
    Melt dark drinking chocolate(cocoa powder) in evaporated milk. Combine and voilá…heaven melting in your mouth ?

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