The White Wine Sangria Recipe You Need To Try!

White Wine Sangria - Xanadu WinesWe’ve all no doubt had a few cheeky sangria’s at some point in our lives. But have you had a ‘white wine sangria’? If you haven’t, then it’s essential you try one stat. And if you already have, well I have a white wine sangria recipe for you that will put all other white wine sangria’s to shame. Plus it’s super easy to make at home (in bulk of course)!

So I’ve heard through the grapevine (pun totally intended) that Xanadu Wines from the Margaret River region are going to be pouring an AMAZING white wine sangria at the upcoming Food Truck Rumble in Perth on Sunday 26th of March 2017. I thought I’d put my super sleuthing hat on and see if I can get a sneak peek at their recipe and the team at Xanadu have kindly decided to share it in advance with me and you!

So what are you waiting for, head to the supermarket and the bottle shop to pick up these ingredients and get this delectable white wine sangria in your glass asap.

Xanadu’s White Wine Sangria:


  • 1 bottle of Xanadu Exmoor 0r DJL Sauvignon Blanc Semillon white wine (750ml)
  • 2/3 cup (160ml) white sugar or simple syrup (see below for syrup recipe)
  • 3 oranges, cut into wedges (or 1 cup of orange juice, 240ml)
  • 1 lemon, cut into wedges
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges
  • 60ml brandy (optional – see tip #1 below for more info)
  • 2 cups of ginger ale (500ml)


Simply pop all the chilled ingredients into your preferred vessel (i.e. punch bowl, jug, drink dispenser, etc) and serve over ice for a nice refreshing sangria.

The above recipe will make about 1.8 litres.

Expert Sangria Making Tips:

  • The brandy in the above recipe can either be added or taken out. It’s up to your personal taste – if you prefer your cocktails boozy, then add it in. Vodka, Triple Sec or Cointreau can also be substituted if a citrus/orange character is more desirable
  • Use inexpensive wine, not crapy cheap wine. It is true – if you wouldn’t normally drink it, then don’t put it in food or cocktails – it won’t enhance the end product at all. And on the other-side there’s no point putting in a $100 bottle as that’s a type of wine you want to enjoy fully in all it’s glory. A tasty wine at an affordable price will work a treat
  • The longer you can let the fruit soak in the other ingredients (bar the fizzy ginger ale – add this just before serving) the more flavour they will impart of the final product and the more booze they will take on, in case any of you were thinking about the wine-soaked orange wedges
  • If you need added sweetness opt to add sugar syrup as opposed to plain sugar. It’s pretty simple to make. Simply simmer equal parts white/brown sugar and water on the stove till it melts and forms a viscous syrup
  • Adding a lot of sliced oranges helps bring out the citrus characters in the sangria and feel free to add a few mint leaves to add a bit of freshness and colour (for all those Instagram-worthy shots)

So there you have it folks – that’s how you make an awesome white wine sangria!

6 thoughts on “The White Wine Sangria Recipe You Need To Try!

  1. You can’t go wrong with Sangria – especially once you’ve been to Spain! Let me know what you think of it when you make it Nina 🙂

  2. Love it Casey. The red Sangria has been my beverage of choice this summer (after a trip to Spain). Think I’ll add the white version to my repertoire from now on.

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