Hot Wine Beverage Ideas To Cure Winter Blues (excl. Mulled Wine)

Shhh.. There's Wine in Here Mug by Pink Teapot Press Etsy

Image via Pink Teapot Press on Etsy

So summer was all about rosé, frosé and white wine to help cool down from the hot Australian and New Zealand summer. As the weather cools and the ugg boots come out, it’s time to start thinking about our winter wine choices. As soon as you hear ‘hot wine’ you naturally think of all those delightful mulled wine recipes, however, a few months ago on my Facebook page, the lovely Carma, suggested I do a post on other hot wine beverages that would be fun to try.  Continue reading

11 Mulled Wine Recipes You Need In Your Life

Mulled WineNothing warms you up better in winter than a hot mug of mulled wine (also known as; hot wine, vin chaud, glögg & glühwein). Some of my fondest memories of travelling through Europe in 2011 was wandering around the Christmas markets in Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Hamburg and throughout Scandinavia sipping on a hot mug of mulled wine. Continue reading