Manual Labour in Exchange for Free Homemade Pizza & Organic Wine

Harris Organic Wines Pruning and Pizza DayA lot of people think owning a vineyard and winery is the most romantic thing on earth. But until you’ve actually worked on one, you may just change your mind. It is hard-work owning a vineyard and for those small family owned wineries it sometimes means working day in and day out to enjoy the fruits of ones labour.

Last Saturday Harris Organic Wines in the Swan Valley decided to hold a Pruning and Pizza party. This entailed showing up at the winery to help in the vineyard for a couple of hours before sitting down to enjoy fresh homemade pizza and organic wine. It’s a win-win situation if you ask me!

There was a group of 8 of us who quiet happily helped pull out the cut pieces of vine after the pruners had gone through and cut them off. The WA weather held up its end of the deal with putting on 25 degree weather and we also had the dog, cats and chickens roaming the vines with us. It was beautiful and the city stress definitely melted away very quickly.

After the hard work we then all sat down outside the winery and enjoyed Duncan’s homemade (from scratch, even the dough and tomato base!) pizzas made in his fantastic outside wood-fired pizza oven. Best pizza I’ve had in the Valley if you ask me!

Whilst enjoying the pizza and the good company we sipped on Harris Verdelho, Chardonnay and a couple of different vintages of Shiraz. It went down superbly and soon enough Duncan was brining out more bottles from the cellar door.

The evening ended with Debs famous Pedro Pancakes while sipping on an organic liqueur Shiraz (port style wine) and the new organic creme de vin (white port style wine). Truly delicious!

All up it was a fantastic day and I already want to put my name down for next year! To keep up to date with the Harris Organic Wines events make sure to check out their website, Facebook page, Twitter page or Google+ profile.

Here’s the Pruning and Pizza Party in pictures..
Harris Organic Wines Vineyard Pruning
Harris Organic Wines Vineyard Cat
Harris Organic Wines Vineyard & Flower
Harris Organic Wines Pruning & Pizza Party
Harris Organic Wines Swan Valley Form 1 Planet
Harris Organic Wines Duncan Making Pizza
Harris Organic Wines Pizza Oven
Harris Organic Wines Duncan Pizza Chef
Harris Organic Wines Glass of White Wine
Harris Organic Wines Duncan Making Dessert
Harris Organic Wines Debs Pedro Pancakes

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