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  1. Hello! Thanks for this list of dog-friendly wineries. I think this is a great way to have a good time with your four-legged friend. I have been to Upper Reach Winery once, but I was without my dog. We stayed one night in the Cottage at Upper Reach, and our only regret is that we couldn’t have stayed longer. The vineyard is a beautiful setting, and the cottage is not only charming but accommodates all your needs. I’ll definitely visit this place one more time with my dog.

  2. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience Courtney! And yes I’ll definitely continue to update the post 🙂

  3. Harris wines was no good. The owner allowed their little chihuahua loose as we were leaving and it attacked our dog. The owner was also super weird and rude, highly recommend dog lovers and alike keep clear.

    Hope you continue to update this list as it’s always good to know where we can take our favourite four legged friends

  4. That’s so great to hear you had a wonderful time at Lamonts with your pooch and that she was treated so well!

  5. Visited Lamonts this morning with our Italian Mastiff she was welcomed inside as if she was part of the human crew. The whole team came over for pats. Food and wine are DELICIOUS! Our pup was even treated to some leftovers from the kitchen.

  6. Brilliant thanks for the update Robyn, mai, Ruski and Tootsy – Ugly Duckling is a fab spot!

  7. Olive Farm & Cheese Barrel, it doesn’t really work. Went there took one look at where we would have to stay with our dogs and left. Went to the Ugly Duckling, 100%. We could taste wine with our dogs laying at feet, we could sit down with a platter for 2 and a bottle of Shiraz, enjoy the musician. Our doggies happy to relax under the table. To be fair Olive farm is not set up for the doggy set where as Ugly Duckling is. We enjoyed ourselves and so is on the must go back list.

  8. Billie Jean! Love the name and you should most definitely try the Cab at Olive Farm Nina – it’s a stunner 😉

  9. Thanks heaps for this article. Always on the lookout for dog friendly venues.

  10. Thanks for this Casey, awesome post about two of my favourite things – wine and dogs. I’m so glad I can take my dog Billie Jean on my next wine tasting tour of the Swan Valley, she’s a Cab Sav girl.