Curtis Family Vineyards 2017 Heritage Shiraz

Curtis Family Vineyards 2017 Heritage Shiraz

My Dad helped me taste this sample bottle of Curtis Family Vineyards 2017 Heritage Shiraz from McLaren Vale in South Australia recently.

Curtis Family Vineyards is owned and operated by Mark, Thomas & Jenna Curtis, with guidance from their father, Claudio Curtis who lives on the vineyard.

The Curtis name is thought to be derived from Curtius, a noble and wealthy family of the First and Second Centuries AD, the Roman Empire era originating from the Latinium people. Hence why the labels have a bit of a Roman theme to them.

In the glass the wine is a plum cherry red. The nose is big and bold with berries, vanilla, pomegranate and spicy pepper. While in the mouth it’s strong up front with flavours that linger on the palate. It’s definitely a mouth puckering /lick your teeth wine. Great with a nice piece of red meat.

This wine was given to me as a sample, I was under no obligation to post about it.

All opinions are based on my own taste buds. Wine is subjective & always evolving, so make sure you drink what you enjoy!

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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