The Wine Handbag You Need in Your Life – Hello Cool Clutch!

Cool Clutch Wine Handbag - Tiffani - InsideMy life feels complete! Recently the lovely team from Cool Clutch sent me a couple of their ‘wine handbags’ over to take a look and wow! I wish I had one of these years ago! All I could think about was how useful these bags are for a wine-lover like myself for all those picnics, days at the beach and BYO outings!

They are a chilly bin (or esky for you Aussies) cross fashion accessory. On the outside the bags look like a totally gorgeous ladies handbag, yet inside they are insulated  to keep your prized white, rose or sparkling wine chilled. It’s the feminine cooler handbag we have all been looking for!

Cool Clutch is 100% Australian owned and operated and have a huge range of different styles and colours to choose from for all tastes and styles. Plus they offer $10 flat rate shipping around Australia which is pretty darn good. I loved how mine showed up in their own little bag and box to protect them on their journey.

Also, I have to admit these handbags won’t just be good for wine, but also for keeping my lunch going to work cool and my make-up as well on the especially hot Perth days. I have a feeling that I may need to get a few more different colours and styles Mr. Spittoon for all outfits and occasions 😉

The Bags

The hardest decision I had to make was which bags to choose! I loved them all and had to ask various friends what they thought! The funny thing is everyone seemed to have a different favourite, so it really came down to my own personal taste. I wanted to opt for a more casual style and a more dressy style as there are a number of really nice BYO restaurants here in Perth that my Cool Clutches will definitely be accompanying me to!

I like how all the bags have female names too! I ended up opting for the sexy Tiffani Cool Clutch and the beautiful Stephanie (Blush) Cool Clutch.

Introducing Tiffani…

My Tiffani wine handbag or rather clutch is going to be perfect for those more dressy nights out. It perfectly fits a bottle of wine in and has a thick insulated lining that is 100% waterproof. This bag will easily fit everything I need in for the night! It’s covered in black beads and has little jewels on the opening clasps which is a gorgeous touch.
Cool Clutch Wine Handbag - Tiffani Cooler Bag

Introducing Stephanie…

Stephanie is more of an everyday bag for me and I really do want this style in every colour! Inside the bag it has a removable insulated pocket that easily fits a bottle of wine into (or water or a few beers depending which way you swing). The pocket has a 3mm insulated wall and waterproof aluminum foil lining that can keep the contents either warm or cool. Simply pop the pocket in the fridge or freezer prior to putting it in the handbag before you shoot out the door with your chilled wine.
Cool Clutch Wine Handbag Cool Clutch Wine Handbag and Vinaceaous Rose Cool Clutch Wine Handbag - Vinaceous Wine Cool Clutch Wine Handbag - Inside

This wine-lovers handbag also has a very sturdy shoulder strap so you can wear it whichever way you feel comfortable. And take it from someone who has done it, it definitely fits more than one bottle of wine in 😉

These are just two of the wine cooler handbags available from Cool Clutch, make sure you check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest styles and news. A big thank you to Cool Clutch for making such a ‘cool’ product and wanting to share it with myself and the TC readers!

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