Champagne Duperrey Vintage 2012 Brut

Champagne Duperrey Vintage 2012 Brut

9 weeks and our 9th bottle of bubbles! We picked up this Champagne Duperrey 2012 Brut from Dan Murphy’s for $58.

It’s won various gold medals, including at the Sydney International Wine Competition and I’m loving how Duperrey suggests to serve it:

“This brilliant champagne should be enjoyed as an aperitif, but can be paired with a mixture of cheeses or also a main meal – it is a very versatile drop! Suggested food matches include a white truffle risotto; Lobster lightly cooked and served on a bed of green papaya and drizzled with miso dressing; or a humble barbequed lamb backstrap with mushrooms on the side.”

Who’s hungry and thirsty now? Mr Spittoon and I enjoyed it simply as an aperitif, here are our notes on it:

In the glass it’s a lemon lime colour. Notes of crisp apple, lime zest and fresh brioche rise from the glass. While in the mouth it has a smooth mousse and is super dainty. It made me think of apples straight from the orchard and yummy candied citrus. Delicious!

All opinions are based on my own taste buds. Wine is subjective & always evolving, so make sure you drink what you enjoy!

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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