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  1. Thanks for the list! Papagallo’s in Leederville is BYO wine only Monday – Thurs. No BYO Fri or Sat 🙂

  2. Thanks, Casey. having this list is great. we love taking our own wines too so often its hard to find a place that will lets us do that. Cheers. PS. do you know anything about Il Locale in Angove st, North Perth? recently opened but cant find out if they are BYO.

  3. Happy Global Drink Wine Day! Can you please add Kelly’s Cafe and Restaurant to your BYO list 🙂 Open 7 days a week for Breakfast and Lunch and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights for dinner. Indoor and alfresco dining among the palm trees and lush grounds of All Palms Garden Centre, 163 Birnam Road Canning Vale.

    Much appreciated, thanks so much!

  4. Bravo’s in Vic Pk. BYO wine only and fully licensed. Consistently good food and service.

  5. Thai Orchid on 3rd Ave in Mt Lawley (Next to 3 coins) does BYO. it’s $1 per person and I think everyday though I’ve only been mid week. Would assume their South Perth location does the same.

  6. I know – I think you should hit them up about it – perhaps a blog post idea for Girl+Beer 😉

  7. Shame some of these are byo wine only though 🙁 what about us good beer drinkers?!

  8. Fantastic! I had the same experience a while ago and just gave up, good on you for putting this together so that today when I googled “byo restaurants in perth” this came up!

    In Bayswater you can add Old Lira (pizzeria) to the list with the added convenience of being right next door to a Liquor Barons!

  9. I LOVE this list! It was definitely needed! Thank you 🙂
    Chillifarms Restaurant(Indian Food)
    Shop 19 & 20, 931 whitfords AV,
    Woodvale is another good one, I think they charge $3-$4.

  10. Bellissimo – Claremont
    Prego – Floreat (during the week)
    Cafe Relish – Doubleview
    Clarkes – North Beach (rare to find fine dining BYO)
    Itsara – Nedlands
    Vans – Cottesloe (during the week)
    Divido – Mt Hawthon (during the week)

  11. Porta rosa Fremantle himali gurka apple cross pearl Vietnamese apole roses copper chimney Fremantle just a few BYO goodies x ruth

  12. Another great little restaurant to add to your BYO list – OUR TABLE , 3/180 Grand promenade, Bedford.

  13. Fremantle Modern eatery BYO
    TQR Nedlands BYO
    Red Cabbage South Perth BYO Tue-Thu
    Shipping Lane North Freo BYO

  14. Ooo I love a good Thai restaurant… I’ll try keep quiet 😉 Thanks Angela!

  15. Sues Thai Kitchen – Woodlands Shopping Centre. But don’t tell anyone, or the locals will get upset.

  16. Great work Casey. West End Deli in West Perth is a great one to add to the list – pretty sure there’s no corkage
    Neighbourhood Pizza in Mount Hawthorn is another one (byo wine, beer, spirits) – I think corkage is $4, but you might want to check that.
    Keep this list going!!

  17. Thanks Nina – let me know if you come across any others – it’d be great to continually build up this list 🙂

  18. Good work Casey, you’ve done all of Perth a big service. I’ll try to dig up a few for you in Scarborough and Fremantle. There’s quite a lot but you’re right, it’s damn hard finding one when you need it.

  19. Haha that is old school Michelle! Make sure to bookmark it too as I’ll be adding to it as I come across more, I’ve already added a couple of new ones since it went live tonight 🙂

  20. LOVE it – I might have to just go old school and print this list off so I know where to go when burger boy and I get one of those rare date nights 😉