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  1. This is wonderful! What a fantastic event! So many of the wines and winemakers are familiar to me, being from Albany. I have to say, I was fairly spoilt with good wine living down there ?

  2. Hey Stuart, thanks for stopping by! Yes I have tried Brave New Wines, at Raising Riesling last year – very cool stuff, even the bottles are pushing boundaries! So many awesome producers around. Actually there’s an interesting free tasting coming up at Petition you might like – I just reposted the details on Instagram 🙂

  3. Hey Casey, love this blog entry. I agree about Andrew Hoadley’s Lavioletta wines, very different , boundary pushing and delicious. Not sure if you have tried Brave New Wines? another interesting player in some trending , handcrafted styles. I will also have to try some of the others mentioned above!

  4. We love West Cape Howe, Rickety Gate and Mt Trio. Such an underrated wine region!

  5. I couldn’t agree more Nina – there are so many great wineries all over the state 🙂

  6. 8 great reasons to visit the Great Southern region. I think we limit ourselves too much by always heading to Margaret River whenever we go south. There are so many other great regions to explore in WA.