Wine, Dance, Music & Visual Arts – Don’t Miss Winery Psalms!

Remnant Dance Winery Psalms 1st PerformanceOn Wednesday night I popped into Pinelli Wines & Fillaudeau’s to catch a glimpse of ‘Winery Psalms’ – a production by Remnant Dance company that takes you on a journey of wine tasting matched with the arts. I got a taste at the final dress run in preparation for the opening night tonight (Friday 15th).

I’ve never experienced a wine tasting quite like this! It was a full sensory experience of experiencing art and wine through sight, sound, touch and taste. Here is a small sip of what you’ll experience at Winery Psalms:

The 90 minute performance was broken into six 10 minute dance theatre pieces, each matched with a Pinelli wine. Hence the name ‘the mixed half dozen’.
Remnant Dance Winery Psalms 2nd Performance On arrival you’re given a program about each of the performances. I just love how each of the pieces are described in the style of a tasting note! Here’s an example of the description of the first performance which is matched with the Pinelli sparkling wine (which by the way is tasting excellent right now!):

Remnant Dance Winery Psalms - Tasting:Dance Note

I suddenly feel inspired to get a bit more creative with my tasting notes!

The performance runs in the evenings over the next week as the sun is setting over the vines. It promises to cater for art aficionados as well as wine lovers seeking inventive wine-tasting experiences.

Pinelli Wine Tasting at Remnant Dance Winery Psalms If you’re keen to catch one of the performances they’ll be running on the following days:

  • Friday 15th April 5:30-7pm
  • Saturday 16th April 5:30-7pm
  • Sunday 17th April 5:30-7pm
  • Tuesday 19th April 6-7:30pm
  • Thursday 21st April 5:30-7pm

Tickets are $55 for the performance & wine tasting. After the performance you can add-on the option of a 4 course meal at Fillaudeau’s for $75 per adult, $20 per child under 12.

Closing Night Dinner Special (Thurs 21st): 3 course meal at Fillaudeau’s for $50 per adult and $20 per child under 12.Remnant Dance Winery Psalms at Pinelli Wines Swan Valley Plus there is also:

  • Sunday 17th April: Artists’ Talk 7:30-8pm with Johannes Luebbers, Sue Peacock, Sue Starcken, Julie Valenzuela
  • Wednesday 20th April 6-7:30pm midweek special, $45 a ticket and includes a Q&A with artists Frances Barbe, Katie Chown, Jo Darvall, Anna-Kat Hicks, Simon Stokes following the performance

You can buy tickets here to Winery Psalms here.
Remnant Dance Winery Psalms + QR Code Instructions It’s an interactive experience which involves QR Codes so without giving it all away I’d suggest downloading a QR Code Reader prior to attending the performance however you’ll also be given instructions on the night. Enjoy wine & art lovers!
Visual Arts Remnant Dance Winery PsalmsRemnant Dance Winery Psalms - Visual ArtsRemnant Dance Winery Psalms - QR Scanner

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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