Wine Sorbet Now Available in Perth Thanks to MyattsField Vineyards!

Wine Sorbet now available in PerthA few weeks ago I heard through the grapevine that MyattsField Vineyards in the Perth Hills have created and are selling wine sorbet! Naturally I had to check this out for myself so this weekend I finally got the chance to get myself up to the Hills.

We really need to visit the Hills more often, and I hate to say it but I do use the excuse of it being “so far”. Which is utter rubbish. I scoff when people say the Swan Valley is ages away, when it’s actually only a 3o minute drive. And to be honest with you, the Perth Hills is literally only a 30 minute drive from where I am, so I really need to get my act together as there are some top spots up there.
MyattsField Vineyards Cellar Door - Perth HillsI have to admit, it has been awhile since I last visited the MyattsField cellar door. I was lucky enough to attend an Old & New Tasting with their Left Field Club members in 2013, and from that point on, I knew I had found one of my most favourite WA sparkling wines. When my parents visited later that year, I also took them to the cellar door to show off their wines. My Dad was a huge fan of the reds, especially the fortifieds (which are patiently waiting in my wine cellar for his next visit – hopefully they last that long!).

Rachael & Josh Davenport, the owners and passionate winemaker’s behind the vineyard have decided to make every women’s dream come true. We have all seen the memes and jokes on the web about wine ice-cream but it’s never been a reality, especially not in Perth until now.
Mourvedre Wine Sorbet at MyattsField Vineyards in the Perth Hills

The flavours…

MyattsField have created 5 different flavours of wine sorbet which include; Sparkling Rose, Viognier, Merlot, Mourvedre and Nancy Myatt Fortified. You can buy a wee pot at the cellar door for $6 to enjoy either before or after your wine tasting.

Of course, being the sorbet hound that I am, I went for both a before and after pot 🙂 It was so interesting to try the sorbet and then the actual wine and I must say, they really do taste alike!
Viognier wine sorbet - Perth Hills

It’s always annoying when you have wine-infused products that are lovely but don’t actually taste like wine. It’s safe to say the MyattsField sorbets MOST DEFINITELY taste like wine, there is no doubt that these baby’s contain alcohol and even if the kids did happen to accidentally get their hands on them, I am sure they would turn their noses up at the taste. Just like the reaction most kids have to wine when they are allowed a tiny sip.

 What I thought…

We tried the Sparkling Rose which I reckon has a lot more oomph than the elegant tipple itself, the Viognier was super lovely and refreshing (I just about licked the little pot it came in!) and lastly we tried the Mourvedre which was so weird that it was amazing. I actually think it was my favourite and now I really want to go back and try the Merlot and Fortified flavours, looks like another trip is on the cards.

Sparkling Rose & Viognier wine sorbet at MyattsField in the Perth Hills

We literally drove up to the Hills just for the Sorbet and I am so glad we did! Of course we ended up doing a stock-up of some wines too; a couple of bottle of the bubbles (one bottle is a magnum, wohoo!), a bottle of the 2012 Verdelho and a bottle of the Museum Release 2007 Verdelho which I am absolutely head over heels for! It’s quite rare to get such an old Verdelho and I was just blown away with how fresh it tasted for it’s 8 years of age!

Whether you’re looking for a place to visit on your next day out in the Perth Hills or you’re just looking to try something new, I would highly recommend stopping into MyattsField. Rachael & Josh are regularly found manning the cellar door alongside their lovely Cellar Door Manager Emma.

Address: Union Road, Carmel WA 6076
Phone: (08) 9293 5567
Open: Friday-Sunday and Public Holidays, 11am to 5pm
Wines: Sparklings (white & rose), Verdelho, Chardonnay (Pemberton grapes), Vioginer, Merlot, Mourvedre, Durif, Tempranillo, Cabernet blends & Fortifieds
Wine tasting cost: Free!
Food available: Wine sorbet only
Child friendly: No playground or anything but outside seating and grass area in front of cellar door
Wine Tasting at the MyattsField Vineyard Cellar Door

6 thoughts on “Wine Sorbet Now Available in Perth Thanks to MyattsField Vineyards!

  1. I think you’d be surprised by how much this tastes like the actual wine. It’s such a fun way to do a tasting – a bit of sorbet and then the actual wine 🙂

  2. It’s definitely worth a visit Nini, and their wines are so delicious! Definitely one of my fave WA bubbles 🙂

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