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  1. That’s the word for it – less intimidating! Most blind tastings I have done, have always been completely blind, i.e. I’d have no idea what the wines are. So doing it this way, definitely makes it a bit easier yet you still really think about what’s in your glass 🙂

  2. I think this is brilliant by cellarmasters! A blind tasting all set up for you! Blind tastings can seem so intimidating, but you are right having the tasting notes there for you, makes it much more of a matching puzzle so It’s easier and less intimidating for everyone. We did a tasting like this with aromatic Alsatian whites at Claiborne Churchill in San Luis Obispo a year or so ago and it was amazing! I need to host a blind tasting!!

  3. Ahhh yes that’s so true about the fuller bodied wines doing well nearer the end Allison! I would definitely be up for a few blind tastings focused on a specific variety – good thinking!

  4. We’ve done blind taste parties like this with brown paper bags as it really levels the playing field and takes any intimidation out for people that aren’t confident about wine. What we have found though is that the fuller bodied wines will always be chosen toward the end due to palate fatigue. We need to do more around a specific variety. so much fun!