The Guildford Hotel – I Finally Went!

lunch-at-the-guildford-hotelOkay I know I am a bit slow to the party! The Guildford Hotel re-opened in May 2016 and it’s only been in the last couple of months that I finally checked it out – it’s been a pretty full on year with the wedding and all! To be honest, I have heard many mixed reviews on the place mainly to do with the food and prices. Despite this, I went in with an open mind to see what my palate and wallet thought.

Firstly, The Guildford Hotel is a welcomed addition to the food & drinking holes in Guildford. As I live just up the road, it’s nice to have another option for eating and drinking out alongside Little Guildford, The Rose & Crown, Padbury’s Cafe, Alfred’s Kitchen, Hoang Kim and Jezebelle just to name a few. Guildford is fast becoming an awesome little foodie hub!

I never knew The Guildford Hotel prior to the time it was surrounded with scaffolding and protesting so firstly – it is an absolute gem to now look at. I pass it nearly every day on my way home from work and I am always gawking in. It’s just such a pretty building – and that’s inside and out.

It’s safe to say everyone is well impressed with the fit-out of the joint – the fact that they have kept original parts of the building is fantastic. It’s always good to be proud of your heritage even if it involves charred wooden floor beams, old fire places and doors. The place is beautiful and so aesthetically pleasing to be amongst when enjoying a glass of vino.

So it looks the part, but what about the wine, food and service? These key elements will be what keeps people going back, including my wino self!

The Wine List

I’m suitably impressed with the wine list and prices. Being at the gateway for the Swan Valley it would definitely be good to see more local fare, on the list. Currently it’s just John Kosovich & Mandoon Estate which is great – but more Swan Valley and Perth Hills tipples would make the list better in my opinion. It’s good to see some wineries from down south made the cut; Forest Hill Estate, Vasse Felix, Howard Park, West Cape Howe, Flametree, Evans & Tate, Stormflower, Redbrook and Vinaceous.

Glass prices are around the $8-10 mark and you’re served up your tipple in decent glassware which is always appreciated from my perspective. NV Mumm Brut Champagne is the most exxy by the glass tipple at $19 (and bottles of 2006 Laurent-Perrier Brut are $220 if Champagne is your thing).

Bottle prices range from $35 upwards which is on the pricey side for a pub (even if it’s a fancy gastro style pub) as typically there’s always a $25-30 bottle or two on the list. Perhaps sourcing local might mean they can have some more affordable options?

All up, the wine list has some interesting tipples and I definitely wouldn’t turn down a glass or three. I just hope to see the list evolve in 2017.

The Food

I have heard so many bad things about the food – however to be honest I can’t fault it! Everything Mr. Spittoon and I have had, has been super tasty and absolutely memorable to the point I want to keep going back!

We haven’t tried everything, but from what we have tried – I am excited to get stuck into the rest of the menu.

On our first visit we stopped in for some light snacks and a couple of vinos. The snacks included the ‘Fried cheeseburger spring rolls, awesome sauce’ – there were 4 spring rolls for $15 and OMG they are amaze-balls!!! They taste just like a cheeseburger with the addition of Big Mac sauce. I don’t know how they made them but they are absolutely scrumptious and a MUST TRY! I also like the dried chilli on top.

On the same visit we ordered the ‘Chips, rosemary salt, Keen’s curry mayo’ for $7 – as far as chips and curry sauce go, they were tasty! A touch salty for my liking, but Mr. Spittoon loved all that salty goodness!

On our next visit for a spot of lunch I ordered  ‘The Gilly cheeseburger; lettuce, pickles, that burger sauce’ for $21 – all I could think about was that when I was next suffering from “wine flu” I wanted this!! And yes I do have a thing for cheeseburgers – especially when they have The Guildford Hotel’s ‘awesome sauce’ on. Pure perfection – best cheeseburger in Perth I reckon!

Mr. Spittoon opted for the ‘Po boy sticky smoked pork, kewpie, nam-jim slaw, pickled chilli’ for $21 which he thoroughly enjoyed though he said it was rather messy to eat (I would know as I was sitting opposite him watching him trying to shove it down!). It wasn’t helped by the fact we couldn’t find serviettes anywhere at any of the stations and the bar was busy. Thank fully I had some tissues in my bag, and thankfully it wasn’t a first date!

I can’t wait to go back again to try more of the dishes, however I am worried I will continue just going back for those spring rolls and the cheeseburger – soooooo much goodness! Also the cheeseburger went well with the Forest Hill Estate Riesling from the Great Southern for $11 per glass.

The Service

The Guildford Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoAll up the service has been super friendly. Both times we were in, I have no faults other than not being able to find those darn serviettes! The staff were super pleasant and friendly and I hope they continue along that track. No one likes bad service hey!

In Conclusion

I will be back!!

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