Morris Wines Classic Liqueur Topaque – Rutherglen

Morris of Rutherglen Classic Liqueur Topaque

It’s not often I drink wine liqueurs or ‘sweeties’, but occasionally I do have a craving! Recently I came across Cider Tonic’s stewed apple tonic recipe (which is good for your gut health by the way) and I couldn’t help but think that all that stewed apple would be great in a homemade apple pie. With vanilla bean ice-cream on the side and a little something special to sip on of course 😉 Continue reading

St Anne’s Winery Tatalia Private Reserve 2016 Shiraz Cabernet

St Anne's Winery Tatalia Private Reserve 2016 Shiraz Cabernet

I do love getting the decanter out. Do you decant many wines?

Decanting wine serves two main purposes, firstly to aerate the wine (to help the aromas and flavours become more prominent) and secondly to seperate out any sediment in the wine. You’ll notice sediment in aged red wines and also in some vintage ports. Continue reading

Blue Gables Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Gris

When we visited the Blue Gables Vineyard cellar door earlier this year they were sold out of this sparkling wine made with Chardonnay and Pinot Gris grapes – I was guttered as I really wanted to try it!

Blue Gables Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot GrisRecently I came across a bottle of it at The Hunting Ground in Sale for $40 and I couldn’t resist. I have to admit, I thought the $40 price tag was a bit steep initially, however, after trying it, I’ll definitely be buying it again! Continue reading

Wyanga Park Winery – Art, Food & Wine in Gippsland

Art at Wyanga Park Winery Cafe Lakes EntranceMy Mum and Dad to decided to visit us in our new home in Gippsland for my Dad’s birthday recently. His birthday fell on a Monday which is not ideal when you live in country Victoria. This is because, in the country, you’re hard pushed for any of the ‘special occasion’ restaurants to open for meals, let alone any wineries.  Continue reading