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Now that the news is out that I’ve left Perth, it might make sense why I decided to do all 3 meals of the day; breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Swan Valley recently. We were flying at 11:30pm that night (I had only finished up my day job the day before) and we thought we better not waste our last 24 hours living in the Swan Valley.

Prior to attempting the task of all 3-meals in the Swan Valley in 1 day, I decided to put the feelers out on Facebook as to what everyone would do, if they were going to attempt the same feat. There were so many good responses, I wish I could have tried them all!

Here’s the post:

So where did we go? To be honest, I don’t really have the stamina for 3 major meals in one day, but here’s our effort and I have also listed some other Swan Valley wineries you can consider!


We started off at the lovely Upper Reach Winery. The onsite restaurant has recently been taken over by new owners and it has rebranded to Riverbrook Restaurant. As far as I am aware the chefs and kitchen team are still the same.

Riverbrook offer breakfast from 9am every day of the week. It’s the perfect setting for a bubbly brekkie. On the Friday we were there, it was so serene overlooking the vineyard and reflecting on our time here in Perth. Not to mention the Upper Reach Sparkling Chardonnay we had, the food and the service were all top-notch. I’d highly recommend visiting and if possible, make a weekend of it and stay at the Upper Reach Spa Cottage!

Riverbrook’s breakfast menu:

Riverbrook at Upper Reach Breakfast Menu

Other Swan Valley winery breakfast options:


I was still full from breakfast! Therefore we decided to keep our lunch option light as we were meeting up with my good friend Naomi for dinner. Therefore we decided to drop by Ugly Duckling Wines on West Swan Road. I have always been a fan of their platters and the pies (especially the pies!).

The mood of the moment led us to order a glass each of white wine and the $15 cheeseboard which came with 2 kinds of cheese, some bread and a few crackers. It went with our wine wonderfully and was the perfect snack for 2 people.

Other Swan Valley winery lunch options:


For dinner, we headed over to Mandoon Estate. if we had more time, I would have loved to of tried the degustation at Wild Swan, but alas our flight was in a few hours. Therefore we had some wine, nibbles and pizza at Homestead Brewery (also open for breakfast and lunch).

It was a great meal, we totally carb-loaded! It was washed down with a bottle of bubbles and red. A fantastic end to a lovely day, and then about an hour later I was in tears on our way to the airport as we drove out of the Swan Valley 🙁 I have definitely taken many good memories with me though.

Other Swan Valley winery dinner options:

So that’s how I spent my last day in the Swan Valley!

Now the question is if you had to choose 3 Swan Valley wineries and/or restaurants to eat at for breakfast lunch and dinner, where would you choose? Leave a comment below…

4 thoughts on “Swan Valley Wineries for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  1. Hi Casey,
    My choice for Breakfast is Edgecombe … lunch would be the platter from Pandamonium … dinner …. Sittella ?
    Didn’t realise Upper Reach had changed we had my birthday lunch there in Jan.
    There brekkie menu looks lovely , must try. Regards Shona

  2. Casey sounds like you’ve had a truly wonderful time, next time your in the West you have to make thr trip south to Margaret River and see the best that the West has to offer. In both Food and Wine. Roger

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