The Swan Valley named Australia’s first Humane Food Region

Sittella Winery Humane Food Swan ValleyHumane food is an initiative which The City of Swan and the RSPCA have brought to our tables. To be honest with you, I didn’t understand exactly what exactly this concept entailed and how the Swan Valley earned the titled of Australia’s first humane food region so I did some digging.

The idea of the Swan Valley & the RSPCA getting together was what really caught my attention to start with as I’m a big supporter of both. Having adopted two gorgeous and very mischievous kittens from the RSPCA in February I regularly keep up to date with what the organisation is doing and try my hardest not to adopt any more gorgeous fur babies as Fizzy & Crackle already keep my hands full.

What is humane food?

It’s a concept which is 100% against animal cruelty on farms. The idea promotes giving animals a good quality of life free from cruel farming practises. As the RSPCA puts it, its food that’s animal welfare friendly. It means pigs can live outside & wallow in the mud and hens can lay their eggs in a nest.

I have to admit I do live in my own fairy tale world a lot of the time and naively I do tend to think it’s all sunshine and rainbows. I am so wrong and until I delved into researching this topic I really didn’t understand the terrible treatment of farm animals. The standards of animal welfare by law are very minimal sadly.

Why should we eat humane food?

Quality, taste and human decency.

Opting for cage free eggs or free range pork will be tastier and more wholesome. This is for the simple fact that the animals are not being kept in situations which evoke fear, stress or pain. They’re given respect, kindness and decency. Yes of course they may be destined for slaughter however it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to live a decent life to start with.

It’s just like grape growing really, if you look after your grapes and grow them well in the vineyard then you’ll end up with more delicious wine as the end product.

How is the Swan Valley a humane food region?

The program is currently supported by 30 local Swan Valley restaurants and cafés, with more food businesses expected to jump onboard in the coming months. Six of the regions notable chefs have really got behind the cause by becoming ambassadors of the program. These include:

  • Caroline Taylor of Taylor’s Art & Coffee House
  • Kiren Mainwairing of Dear Friends Restaurant
  • Dean Williams of Sandalford Wines
  • Mike Price of Sittella Winery & Restaurant
  • Fiona Lamont of Lamont’s Winery & Small Tastes Venue
  • Manu Fillaudeau of Fillaudeau’s Restaurant & Cafe?

Swan Valley Humane Food Ambassadors 2014You can read more about humane food and each of the six ambassadors via the Swan Valley Humane Food Region Brochure 2014.

To find out all the businesses involved in the project, check out the Swan Valley Tourism website and also you can search for humane food places to eat further a field on the Choose Wisely website.

So for your next meal out in the Valley, why not support a humane food business and help free animals from cruel farm practises. And as a result, enjoy a more delicious meal!

For your next Swan Valley day trip, make sure to use my Swan Valley Guide to help you plan the ultimate day out.

Image source: The City of Swan

One thought on “The Swan Valley named Australia’s first Humane Food Region

  1. Great to hear both you and the Swan are raising awareness of this Casey. As a fellow animal lover, I highly recommend reading The Food Revolution by John Robbins (heir to the Baskin Robbins ice cream empire who rejected his inherited fortune to devote his life to researching the impact on the planet of eating animals!). Even though it’s America-centric, it also applies to Australia, and really highlights the environmental, health, and animal welfare issues surrounding eating animal products. It hasn’t made me turn vegan but it has totally changed my approach to eating meat/dairy! You should totally do a post about it!!

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