The 25 Swan Valley Sparkling Wines of Christmas 2014 – 19th December

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Ugly Duckling 2014 Sparkling Chardonnay

Ugly Duckling is such a fabulous spot in the Swan Valley. It is a small cellar door which is just off West Swan Road and it faces out to the vineyard. It is open-air with live music on the weekends and they make some of the best pies in Australia I think! I am sorry Aussie’s but you guys have nothing on Kiwi Pies, yet these Ugly Duckling pies I am completely hooked on. I wonder if that is because they have wine in? Hmm…

Most the sparkling wines in the Swan Valley are non-vintage so it’s great to see that Ugly Duckling are doing a vintage bubbles. This one is brand spanking new and is a 2014 vintage (by the way ‘vintage’ doesn’t mean it has to be old, vintage simply means that all the grapes which have made that wine were harvested in the mentioned year on the label).

It sells for $30 at the cellar door and if you buy a case you’ll get 10% off the price which brings it down to 12 bottles for a total of $324.
Ugly Duckling Wines Swan Valley - Pie & Wine

Tasting Note

On the eye it is a super pale yellow colour, it is nearly a clear white with tiny bubbles streaming throughout the glass like little snowflakes. On the nose it really makes you go ‘woah’! After seeing how pale the colour is, the intensity of the nose really shocked me, but in a good way! There are aromas of stewed green-apples and pears with a bready backbone. In the mouth it is super smooth and bubbly with flavours of candied lemons, sherbet, pears, peach and digestive biscuits.

A gorgeous bubbles to relax with after a hard day battling the masses at the mall to finish your Christmas shopping!

About Ugly Duckling Wines in the Swan Valley

Ugly Duckling Wines is run by owners, Andrew and Joanne which you’ll typically find on the cellar door alongside their bubbly cellar door assistant, Jasmine.

The family moved to the Swan Valley in 1996 and began growing and selling off their grapes to local wineries. In 2007 they decided to create their own wine and Ugly Duckling was born! They began making only Shiraz and Chardonnay and have now expanded their premium wine range to also include Chenin Blanc.

Alongside the delicious pies on offer, Ugly Duckling also offer platters. It’s a casual, laid-back spot which is a perfect location to stop in to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!
Ugly Duckling Wines Vineyard

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Ugly Duckling Wines Swan Valley

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