Swallow Bar Maylands – The Reason Why I Keep Going Back..

Sparkling Wine at Swallow Bar Maylands
From the train-chair booths to the laid-back tunes, live music and the decor which takes you to inner-city Paris – Swallow Bar has put Maylands on the map for Mr. Spittoon and me. From our first visit over a year ago we just keep going back to this European inspired small bar for that cosy neighbourhood feel, the delectable bites to eat and of course the wine and drinks. Seriously these guys do a rocking espresso martini guys and use some of the best glassware out there.

Everytime we go, I declare to Mr. Spittoon that I’m going to put a blog post up so this post is a long time coming! Today we tried out their new Brunch Menu which runs from 11am-3pm Saturday and Sunday and well, there’s no time like the present right!
Swallow Bar Maylands Perth

What’s so good about Swallow Bar?

Even from the outside you can tell Swallow Bar isn’t your average Perth bar. It has a sort of saloon meets English Pub meets sophisticated European feel to it. The word ‘Bar’ stands out on the front window alongside the lit-up classical ‘Tabac’ sign and the draped curtains.
Swallow Bar Maylands

When you walk in the bar is long and narrow. To be honest it can be a bit squishy when it gets busy in there, so just make sure you get in early, particularly on the live music nights. Mr. Spittoon and I have nailed this down to a tee and we seem to always be able to nab a little 2 seater train chair booth to ourselves. It takes us back to our year travelling around Europe – yet this time we can afford to drink out instead of buying the cheapest wine from the local supermarket!

All drink and food orders are made up at the bar and then they’ll be brought out to you by the lovely Swallow staff who are always chatty and friendly.
Swallow Bar Courtyard Maylands

And are the drinks any good?

I have had wine on a couple of occasions are Swallow. What I like is they do get in some very interesting wines which they announce on their Facebook page. The standard wine list however definitely keeps me occupied. I like that they have a nice mix of European and local faves. Glasses of wine start from around $9 and range up to around $21 for a lovely glass of the Talijancich 1980 Solero Liqueur Shiraz. Bottle prices range from $39 up to $175 for a bottle of the 2002 Pol Roger Champagne.
Swallow Bar Wine List

What made the best first impression on me, when we first had drinks at Swallow Bar was the glassware they use. Yes I am a complete wine glass snob I know. I have always been a fan of Riedel but after doing a Riedel Glass Tasting Class I was 100% convinced that investing in decent glassware is worth it. Swallow Bar are dedicated to using Riedel glassware which makes me so happy. I am more than happy to pay a little bit extra at a bar to be served up my good wine in something decent, I hate those stocky thick pub wine glasses with a passion.
Wine at Swallow Bar Maylands

And it gets even better than that, because Swallow also use the Riedel martini glasses for some of their cocktails. Most of the time when we go to Swallow I actually order the cocktails over the wine as they do them so damn good. I am totally confident in saying that for me, Swallow Bar make the best espresso martinis in Perth. That silky, thick, luxurious creamy froth they do so expertly on top and the flavoursome nectar below.

The best espresso martins in Perth if you ask me! #swallowbar #perthbar #cocktail #espressomartini #riedel

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Mr. Spittoon is a huge fan of their Sipsmith martinis, yes he totally thinks he’s a bit of a James Bond when ordering one of these! I also love how you can ask them to make a cocktail off what you like. For instance I once wanted to try a cocktail with Sloe Berry Gin and they made a stunner of a cocktail for $17.
Cocktails at Swallow Bar Maylands
I tried out their Bloody Mary for brunch this morning which uses Belvedere ‘Bloody Mary’ Infused Vodka and is rimmed with rosemary salt – damn bloody good for $16 if you ask me!


Tasty Bloody Mary at @swallowbar for brunch! #Perth #perthbar #maylands #swallowbar #brunch #bloodymary #cocktailsbeforenoon


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What’s the food like at Swallow Bar?

We have pecked and nibble at many of the offerings on the menu. However we can never go passed ordering a bowl of frites for $7. These shoestring fries are always perfectly cooked and come out covered in toasted rosemary and salt. We are literally licking the bowl to get all the goodness up each time. The French Onion & Gruyère Croquettes (3 for $10) are also a must if you go – totally delectable. Plus the spice roasted cauliflower will change your outlook on cauliflower forever!

Here’s a peek at the menu for all your food drooling needs:
Swallow Bar Food Menu Maylands

How’s the new brunch at Swallow Bar?

I was excited to try out Swallow Bar’s new brunch menu today and yet again Mr. Spittoon and I left with huge smiles on our dials. I have to admit any trip to Swallow Bar is expensive for us as it’s somewhere we always want to indulge and try as much as possible. The price tag may be high but we always know we are getting good quality food and drinks.

Today we indulged in the ‘Captains Cure’ Ocean Trout for $24 – I was in love. This dish is everything I love and more, from the tasty potato rosti’s to the vibrant fresh ocean trout and the horseradish cream, sweet onions and plentiful fresh herbs. Soooooo good! We also ordered ‘The Elizabeth David’ Gruyere Cheese & Sweet Onion Omelette for $18. The cheesiness of the omelette teamed with the crisp salad and rosemary salted bread was fantastic. It looked like a weirdly laid out plate but every element on that dish brought it together.

Our lovely waitress at Swallow twisted our rubber arms and we just had to order a sweet treat to end the meal. We couldn’t help but indulge in a piece of Apple & Coconut French Tart and Blueberry French Tart each for $8 to end our brunching experience at Swallow.

Apple & Coconut French Tart, $8 at @swallowbar soooo good! #Perth #perthbar #perthfood #perthblogger #maylands #swallowbar #dessert A photo posted by Travelling Corkscrew Wine Blog (@travellingcorkscrew) on

Blueberry French Tart, $8 at Swallow Bar on their brunch menu 11am-3pm Sat & Sun #Perth #perthfood #swallowbar #maylands   A photo posted by Travelling Corkscrew Wine Blog (@travellingcorkscrew) on

Our total bill with drinks came to $116.50 which is on the steep end for 2 people but we loved it and yet again we cannot wait to get back to Swallow Bar soon. Check out the menu below:
Swallow Bar Brunch Menu Swallow Bar Brunch Menu - Drinks & Sweets

Find out more about Swallow Bar in Maylands:

Click to add a blog post for Swallow Bar on Zomato Address: 198 Whatley Cres, Maylands WA 6051
Phone: (08) 9272 4428
Email: theoffice@swallowbar.com.au
Opening times: Mon-Tue Closed, Weds 5-10pm, Thurs 5-11pm, Fri 4-12pm, Sat 11am-11pm & Sun 11am-9pm
Website: swallowbar.com.au
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  1. I haven’t been to Whisper yet Lulu, I’ll have to make sure I visit on my next Freo trip, thanks for the heads up! Swallow is awesome, hope you enjoy it when you get there!

  2. Have you been to the Whisper wine bar in Freo? It’s a small cosy place. They don’t have a lot of options for food. It’s mainly about the wine. Let me know what you think if you ever go there.
    I always enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing. Swallow bar is on my list now.

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