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  1. You know the winery is a hit when you want to buy every wine you tried! That’s definitely not always the case for me. And that pizza though!! I’d love to try a lunch like that here with their Rose!

  2. It was all rather delish Robin! I think we’ll be heading back soon for some more deliciousness!

  3. I love that you came upon another sparkling red! This cabernet merlot blend sounds divine! And your lunch looks wonderful!

  4. Thanks for the introduction…have never heard of this winery and it has all the ingredients we love! Sparkling Cab Merlot? Definitely need to give that a try…and when there’s a chef onsite pairing food to the wine, nothing better!

  5. Ooooh that Wild Rose sounds amazing! & the salt! Something so delicious about the simplicity of fresh, warm bread with butter & salt 🙂