Wyanga Park Winery – Art, Food & Wine in Gippsland

Art at Wyanga Park Winery Cafe Lakes EntranceMy Mum and Dad to decided to visit us in our new home in Gippsland for my Dad’s birthday recently. His birthday fell on a Monday which is not ideal when you live in country Victoria. This is because, in the country, you’re hard pushed for any of the ‘special occasion’ restaurants to open for meals, let alone any wineries.  Continue reading

Gippsland Wineries: Lightfoot and Sons – O.M.G!

An afternoon at Lightfoot and Sons winery in Gippsland

We visited Lightfoot and Sons a couple of months ago now, and I still can’t get over their awesomeness. My first introduction to this Gippsland winery was at a local eating and drinking establishment here in Sale, Victoria called Portside. Over dinner, Mr Spittoon and I ordered a bottle of the Lightfoot and Sons 2017 Myrtle Point Rosé and my taste buds were in love! Continue reading

Gippsland Wineries: Blue Gables Vineyard – Pizza & Vino

Art at Blue Gables WineryI’m ticking off my 19th of 600 odd Victorian winery cellar doors on my ‘to visit’ list with Blue Gables Winery here in Gippsland. Before visiting the cellar door in Eastern Gippsland, I’d tried their Pinot Gris at the Criterion Hotel here in Sale. It only took me a sip to know that we had to venture out to Upper Maffra West to try more of their range. Continue reading

5 of Our Favourite Small Yarra Valley Cellar Doors

Today on the blog we welcome Adam Nicholls the Director of Wine Compass who offer winery tours in the Yarra Valley, Heathcote Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Adam shares with us 5 of his favourite small cellar doors in the Yarra Valley.

Wine Compass Yarra Valley Wine Tours

Compared to other wine regions in Victoria, the Yarra Valley has more of a reputation for large wineries with big bus tours. While you definitely find big, impersonal wineries, coaches full or tourists and dodgy looking party buses, there are a large number of small wineries as well.

Many of these have top quality wines matched with personal service and are a lot more fun and relaxed than fighting the crowds at the big boys. Below are a selection of our favourites, all very different, but all with top wines and fun vibes. Continue reading