My first encounter with Italian Pinot Nero/Noir..

KRAFUSS Pinot Noir | Alois Lageder - ItalyThe best thing about my job has to be having the ability to open and try whatever I believe will help sell the product to the customers – unfortunately this doesn’t stretch to Petrus and Romanee-Conti, however it does mean I can try things which I probably wouldn’t normally pay for just to satisfy my curiosity.

When I think of Pinot Noir, I think of Burgundy, Champagne, Central Otago and perhaps a bit of Oregon – definitely not Italy.So I challenged myself and my concepts of the great Pinot grape and tried the AloisLageder “Krafuss Pinot Noir (2006) from the Alto Adige region in Northern Italy and I must say I was happily surprised.The Lageder vineyard prides itself on its natural and holistic approaches to grape growing employing both organic and biodynamic methods. This doesn’t necessarily presume the wine will be of better quality but I do believe the wine was clean, clear and tasted fresh – just like having a freshly squeezed juice.

The colour was a beautiful bright ruby that seemed to shimmer in the light. On the nose it was a bowl of fresh picked red berry fruit from cherries, to strawberries and a touch of raspberries in there. The most intriguing part was the finish – it had a definite spicy oak touch to it – white pepperish.

Delicious, easy-drinking vino to enjoy with some good company.

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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