Estate 807 – An Ode To The Denmark Blue Wren

signage into estate 807 on scotsdale road denmark wine region

Regular contributor, Naomi introduces us to Estate 807 in WA’s Great Southern region…

You know when you recognise a brand that you haven’t seen for a couple of years and you get that sense of nostalgia. Well, I got that at my first stop of the day at Estate 807.

Actually, I made sure to drop into the cellar door, because I absolutely LOVED their 2012 Riesling from Raising Riesling at the Perth Royal Yacht Club back in 2016.

I was pretty keen to get another taste of their Riesling and to grab a bottle or two while I was there.

When you first arrive at the winery, you are presented with their signage, a black wren on a blue background. The Blue Wren is the symbol of Denmark, and it is their tie back to the town and to nature.

driveway leading into at estate 807 on scotsdale road denmark wine region

The drive up to the cellar door was an easy one and there is plenty of parking on-site.

wine barrel water feature in front of the celler door building on scotsdale road in denmark wine region

I do love seeing how old wine barrels can be repurposed. Weekend project anyone?

Perhaps the Travelling Corkscrew should write a post about repurposing Wine Barrels, just like this post on repurposing wine bottles.

cellar door serving area with blue walls and a tin bar at estate 807 on scotsdale road denmark wine region

The Cellar Door Experience

When we arrived at the cellar door, we were greeted by Ola, one of the owner/operators of Estate 807.

As we had arrived pretty much spot on 10am, Ola was still setting up, so we took some time to take a look around the cellar door and to work out what we would like to taste. We were in no hurry and we didn’t want Ola to feel rushed by us.

The blue from the logo is carried through the cellar door, coupled with a wrought iron and wood wine tasting area.

bottle of riesling sauvignon blanc and chardonnay at estate 807 on scotsdale road denmark wine region

The Wine List

The cellar door offers wine from the estate, as well as sourcing grapes from nearby estates, within the Great Southern Wine Region.

I was always going to try their Riesling, but I was also particularly impressed with their Sauvignon Blanc and their Chardonnay.

The Sauvignon Blanc is estate grown and their website described the wine as “…appearance, brilliant straw, bouquet, Asparagus, and fresh herbs, while on the palate, tropical with a long clean finish”

And available at the cellar door, but unavailable for tasting was the 2012 Riesling – the one that got me first excited about my trip.

What Was Whetting My Palate?

Of the Rieslings, I tasted the 2014 Riesling Frankland River and the 2015 Riesling Mount Barker.

I do love when you can taste, not only different years but also the difference between wine sub-regions and how, even using the same winemaking method, how different each wine is.

For me, this time it was the Mount Barker Riesling that I preferred.

If you’re a fan of sparkling or a glass of red, these are also on offer at the cellar door.

ajar restaurant veerandah at estate 807 on scotsdale road denmark wine region

Ajar Restaurant

Did you know that Estate 807 also has a restaurant on-site? I didn’t until we arrived at the cellar door, and we already had a booking reservation for lunch elsewhere.

ajar restaurant menu at estate 807 on scotsdale road denmark wine region

After looking at the menu, I’m keen to revisit for a lovely long lunch.

A Little About The Estate

The Halliday Wine Companion describes the estate as having “…a perfect terroir for cool-climate wines. The soils are karri-loam and there is a micro-climate within the valley that has cool nights and long warm days, perfect for slow-ripening of the fruit.”

sheep in the vines at estate 807 on scotsdale road denmark wine region

While at the winery, I was lucky enough to spot a few roaming sheep. Sheep and other animals are quite often used by wineries to help keep the vine floor healthy and it offers great feed for the sheep – I call that a win-win.

This is actually their biodynamic approach to viticulture. In addition, they have a chook pen in the centre of the vineyard. The chooks and ducks can roam free-range through the vineyard, eating any pests that may have made their way into the vineyard.

And when you visit the winery, you may even be lucky enough to spot one of their very cute Cocker Spaniels

Want To Find Out More?

Estate 807
Address: 807 Scotsdale Road, Denmark
Opening Hours: Cellar Door – Thursday-Sunday, 10-4pm and public holidays; Ajar Restaurant – Thursday – Sunday (lunch) 11:30-3pm and Saturday (dinner) 5-9pm
Phone: 08 9840 9027
Website | Facebook

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