Australia’s First Organic Vodka aka the vodka that’s good for you!

Harris Organic Vodka - Australia's only organic vodkaEvery now and then I do take a break from wine (believe it or not!) and when I first came across the Harris Organic Vodka, I was pretty excited.

Harris Organic is a winery located in the Swan Valley producing some very awesome organic wines and a revolutionary vodka which is the first and only Australian certified organic vodka!

Duncan Harris, the owner, winemaker and distiller is also known as the ‘Mad Professor’ of the Swan Valley, his unique techniques have resulted in winning numerous awards at the Swan Valley wine shows.
Duncan from Harris Organic Wines in the Swan Valley

What is this organic vodka made from?

The Harris Organic vodka is made from gapes (maybe that’s why I like it so much!) which are  farmed without irrigation (therefore reaping the benefits of the fresh WA rain water) and are grown without any chemical pesticides.

How is the Harris Organic vodka made?

Once the grapes haven been ripened by the sun they are hand-picked, de-stemmed and are crushed using a basket press which is a very soft method of crushing the fruit. The must of the fruit is then fermented and made into high quality wine after which it is double distilled over a wood fire and then collected one tiny drop at a time. The resultant spirit is then distilled again to produce a colourless, clear spirit. For further information check out Harris Organics blog post Vodka translated means the Water of Life.

Is organic vodka better for me?

Well it is free from GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms – which are organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques), free from chemical additives, free from salts, the distillery doesn’t use carbon filtering and it’s a gluten-free vodka to top it all off. There are no sulphites added during the process or any other chemicals or filtering agents either. Sounds pretty healthy if you ask me!

Does organic vodka taste good?

It’s a unique flavour, however I have to admit I enjoyed it by itself and with a mix. I’m no connoisseur when it comes to vodka, however this is what I thought of it.. On the eye its crystal clear. It has a pleasant aroma of grape hubba bubba with an alcohol kick warmth. On the palate, well it definitely warms the throat however it has a very clean and silky mouth feel with notes of anise, passion fruit and drunken grapes.

I keep my bottle in the freezer to keep it at the perfect temperature for serving, it’s definitely the way to go! Warm vodka is not the most pleasant taste sensation!

Where can I buy this organic vodka?

You can purchase the vodka either via the Harris Organic online shop or via their cellar door which is located only 30 minutes from the Perth CBD at; 179 Memorial Avenue, Baskerville 6056, Western Australia.

The vodka comes in a 375ml or 750ml bottle and is under cork. The distillation & bottling dates are noted on the black label which gives it that unique personal touch.

Normally the 375ml bottle sells for $59 however it is currently on special for $49 and the 750ml bottle is currently down to $89 from its usual $106!

Harris Organic also produce the only certified organic brandy in Australia as well as a natural dessert Shiraz which is preservative free. Check out the Harris Organic Wines website for more details on the range of organic wines and spirits on offer.
Harris Organic Wines in the Swan Valley

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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