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  1. Thanks for popping by the blog Robin, I am all of a sudden feeling like some smoked Gouda and Syrah – thanks for the recommendation! And let me know how you go with the Parmesan and Prosecco 😉

  2. Aww thanks Greig, I am very passionate about both subjects so it just made sense to put them together in a post. And yes please try some goats cheese with Chablis – it’ll blow your mind!!

  3. Love love love this! Even for someone like myself who has been studying wine, I’ve always neglected cheese pairings because I just don’t eat enough of it (even though I love it or it’s on pizza, I rarely buy it by itself)! Very straightforward and easy to digest guide :), I think I’ll go with a goat cheese and Chablis pairing this weekend now!! Thank you!!

  4. Smoked Gouda and Syrah always make me happy. And goat cheese and Sav Blanc or Rosé! But my favorite indeed is Brie and Bubbles. I don’t know that I have had Parm with Prosecco and I think I might need to try that soon!