The Swan Valley – Food & Wine Trail Guide

I have to admit, the move to Perth was more my boyfriend’s thing than mine. However after I found out that we would be staying a mere 12km’s from Western Australia’s Swan Valley wine region I was more than convinced.

Compared to travelling around wine country in Europe, the Swan was a breath of fresh air. No appointments needed to be made plus everyone at the cellar doors here speaks English, which cuts out the weird charades I was doing in France.

The Swan Valley Visitor Centre has a great map of the area and plenty of brochures on the surrounding wineries. Joanne from the center was awesome, she gave us advice on which wineries we definitely need to try out as well as where is good for lunch.

The ‘Swan Valley Food & Wine Trail Guide’ is your one-stop brochure. It lists everything from wineries to breweries to heritage activities and accommodation. On page 8 and 9 you will find a fantastic quick-access winery information guide. It lists all the wineries; their opening times, addresses (great for the gps) and what grape varieties and styles of wine they produce. So easy!

So now that I am officially a Perth resident, well still waiting on that great job opportunity (feel free to drop my name when anyone mentions wine industry vacancies in Perth, I’ll owe ya one!), but I have decided to not visit all the wineries at once but do it over time. This way, for one my tasting notes wont be a drunken mess and secondly it gives you all a nice in-depth look at what the Swan has to offer.

Keep tuned everyone and I hope you look forward to the secret blog of a wine-ista let loose in the Swan.

Don’t forget that my posting dates are now Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cheers!

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