Twill & Daisy 2018 Sauvignon Blanc – Pure Wine Co

Twill and Daisy 2018 Sauvignon Blanc

Summer means Sauv weather for me. Many people believe there’s only one style of Sauv and based on that assumption the non-Sauv drinkers think they’re all like that. Well I hate to say it, but that’s a very closed minded opinion of Sauv, as like most varieties, it can be made in many different styles.

And that is what we thought if this Twill and Daisy 2018 Sauvignon Blanc. It’s unique and delicious, not to mention, how pretty is that label.

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Twill & Daisy 2019 Prosecco – South Australia

 Twill and Daisy 2019 Prosecco
Hot wings, salad and Prosecco – what’s not to like I say!

My brother has an awesome hot wings recipe which we make every now and then – they are so tasty and are great with a glass of bubbly or three ??

This here is an Aussie Prosecco made by the brand new label – Twill and Daisy. Who recently sent me a sample pack (thank you!). How gorgeous are their labels. Continue reading