Pirathon Wines 2016 Barossa Valley Silver Shiraz

Pirathon Wines 2016 Barossa Valley Silver Shiraz

What a treat! I’ve got a Scarlet & Grace Giftware and Aromas ‘Moonlit Lake’ candle burning and a bottle of Pirathon Wines 2016 Barossa Valley Silver Shiraz cracked open.

A big thanks to Mark & team for sending us over this wine to try. We definitely made it feel at home as soon as it landed on our doorstep!

This Shiraz was dry grown and hand crafted. It spent 18 months in oak (from France, America, Russia and Hungry). The winemaker behind this wine is Troy Kalleske.

This is how our night with this full bodied Shiraz went:

In the glass it’s a deep red plum shade. It has a very vibrant nose – think elegant dark fruit notes sprinkled with enticing spice. In the mouth it’s fresh with dark fruit like plums and blackcurrants laced with oak. It’s acidic across the palate with a little bit of vanilla in the background, and a very fine chalky tannin structure. Go on, treat yourselves!

This wine was sent to me as a sample, I was under no obligation to post about it.

All opinions are based on my own taste buds. Wine is subjective & always evolving, so make sure you drink what you enjoy!

Atzes Corner The Giant Barossa Valley Durif 2017

Atzes Corner The Giant Barossa Valley Durif
Care for a sip?

This big, bold ‘The Giant’ Druif was definitely one which appreciated some aeration. As I was too lazy to decant, I just popped this funky straw like aerator in the bottle and it definitely did the trick making the wine intensely smooth and really opening up the flavours and aromas.

A big thanks to Atze’s Corner Wines for sending over this sample for us to try. It’s definitely not a wine for the faint hearted. Continue reading

Tea & Wine Infusions – 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon with Chai Tea

Tea and Wine Infusions - 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon with Chai Tea

Cabernet Sauvignon infused with chai tea!

Yes you read that right and if you’re anything like me, then you probably immediately think of a sort of mulled wine concoction.

This Cabernet Sauvignon subtly infused with Chai Tea is one of two wines in the brand new Tea & Wine range. The other is an Unoaked Chardonnay infused with Camomile. I was lucky enough to receive samples of both to give them a whirl. Continue reading

Atze’s Corner ‘The Mob’ 2017 Montepulciano

Atze's Corner 'The Mob' 2017 MontepulcianoHave you tried a red wine made from Montepulciano lately? Montepulciano is an Italian red wine grape that typically produces a medium-bodied style red wine full of flavours of plums, cherries and spices. It is also known to make a very ‘pizza-friendly’ red wine. So definitely my kind of tipple!

Montepulciano is the 2nd most widely planted red grape in Italy after Sangiovese. It’s also worth noting that there is a town in Italy called Montepulciano, and the wine ‘Vino Nobile di Montepulciano’ is in fact made from Sangiovese not Montepulciano.

Here in Australia, if you see Montepulciano on an Australian-made red wine, it’s got to be made from the Monetpulciano grape variety though. Like this 2017 ‘The Mob’ Atze’s Corner Montepulciano from the Barossa Valley. Continue reading