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  1. Wine is extremely sensitive to temperature and light Taylor, so if you’re planning to store wine for a long time your cupboard will be okay if it doesn’t get too hot or cold and is dark. Hope that helps!

  2. I never knew that wine could age quicker when stored at a warmer temperature. I’m curious what effects wine to become so sensitive to temperatures. My husband usually stores our wine in our cupboards, so they’re pretty safe. Or at least I hope that it’ll keep them from expiring.

  3. Thanks for the tips. My husband and I just bought a new DIY wine rack kit online from that is going into our pantry that will ultimately become a wine room with temperature control. Love your thoughts. Thanks for the blog.

  4. I LOVE how you think Haley, a wine room is definitely way better than a linen cupboard!!

  5. Thanks Casey, as you know storing wine in Perth summer is a bit of an issue, we are looking at building a big rack in walk in pantry as it will be quite dark and reasonably cool. Wish I could just leave aircon on all day and night for perfect cellaring temp!!

  6. Great tips!! We have a wine fridge, it is awesome. In our house that we’re currently building we’re putting a wine room in, dedicated to wine (who needs a linen cupboard anyway?!)
    In NZ we kept the wine under the house, it was perfect! Unfortunately its a bit hot here to do that