How to Turn Your Patio into a Wine Lovers Oasis

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“I’m outdoorsy, I drink my wine on the patio” is a statement every wine-lover should be making. But if your outdoor area isn’t oozing a grape-inspired vibe, chances are you won’t be as inspired to drink there! Creating the ultimate patio area to relax, entertain (and drink vino in) is an essential part of any home – and even the smallest outdoor spaces can be turned into a wine lovers’ oasis.

Utilising recycled wine bottles and barrels can be the best way to brighten up a tired looking garden. These creative DIY projects won’t just save you a lot of money either, but they will give your outdoor space an artistic wine-related flair whilst doing your bit for the environment too.

1. Create a Patio Space You Can Use All Year Round

A great patio design starts with a space you can use all year round. As creatures of comfort, Australians love the great outdoors and when summer hits almost all of us are craving the BBQ and outdoor entertaining season. But what about the cooler months too? There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a bottle (or two) of red in your alfresco area when it’s raining.

Or better yet, make some gooey S’mores to pair with a ruby port for the ultimate warm up wine and treat fix!

The key to creating a versatile patio or pergola space is to implement the right heat sources and shade solutions. Perth builder Great Aussie Patio has these top recommendations for heating up your alfresco area to get you started. Whilst you will definitely want to invest in at least one big-ticket heat source item, add a wine-inspired touch to the scene with DIY wine bottle tiki torches – great for table centerpieces to provide a little extra warmth.
WIne Bottle Tiki Torches

2. Utilise Recycled Wine Barrels for Patio Furniture and Planters

Recycled wine barrels make for a fun furniture project and look uber-cool when it comes to outdoor entertaining. Make sure your friends and family know just how much of a wine fanatic you are (if they don’t know already!) and get design-savvy with a few easy DIY tricks. Wine barrels can be turned into a base for a patio heater, utilised as a fire pit or used to spruce up outdoor umbrellas in summer.
Wine Barrel Table

Perfect as a patio table, seating alternatives or your very own wine bottle bar space, upcycling wine barrels for alfresco purposes has so many benefits. Keep an eye out at local garden nurseries or online (gumtree is good) for half barrels too. These are ideal for planters and herb gardens to add some grape-inspired greenery to your outdoor space. Not to mention the rustic charm your garden will flaunt afterwards.
Wine Barrel Planters

3. Illuminate the Way with DIY Wine Bottle Lighting

Wine bottles are great for more than just drinking straight out of (if you’re classy like that!) and can provide a cost-effective way to illuminate your outdoor alfresco area. From wine bottle table runners with string lights inside, wine glass chandeliers for table centerpieces and tiki torches, there’s a creative addition for any space.

Recycled wine bottles can also be hung around the patio or pergola area with candles to provide softer lights. Cut out the bottoms of the bottles to sit tea lights inside for dining illumination. This looks great as a centrepiece on a wine barrel table if you’re craving something extra-winey.

Wine Glass Chandeliers

If you have power points outside you could even create some wine bottle lamps which can transition from inside to outside depending on where your wino mood takes you.

4.Wine Crate Herb Gardens

If you love your gardening and your wine, there’s some grape-alicious herb gardens that are super easy to build. You’ll need some recycled wine crates (check with your local bottle shop or online), add a few drainage holes at the bottom and fill up with good soil and flowers, a healthy handful of herbs or shrubs of your choice.

Wine Herb Gardens

Wine crate herb gardens are great for outdoor spaces that don’t have a lot of ground room. They’re functional, artistically appealing and fun to put together – even with the most basic construction skills.

Wine Crate Herb Gardens

5. Build a Colourful Wine Bottle Feature Wall

For the really dedicated DIYer, crafting a colourful wine bottle feature wall can really transform the outdoor space into a wine loving oasis. Perfect as a patio or pergola wall where the sun can shine through and light up the bottles for an awe-inspiring display of colour, these feature walls can be as basic or as extravagant as you dare to design.

YouTube offers tutorials to get you started that are easy to follow – you’ll just need to get serious about drinking in the meantime to have enough bottles to use!

6. Chalk Board Wine Bottle Centre Pieces

Chalkboard Wine Bottles can be used as table centre pieces, vases around the house or just a funky looking ornament to add some wine loving quirk to a room – they are super easy to make. Follow these step-by-step instructions for DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottles here.
Blackboard wine bottles and chalk

Once you have your patio wine oasis complete, why not invite your wino buddies over for a Santana & Sangria night or organise your own at home tasting party!

From wine bottle garden fountains to barrel-inspired alfresco furniture, turning a patio space into a personal wine haven that has all the goods is fun, easy and affordable. What ideas will you be incorporating?

Author Bio: This article is a guest post written by Jayde Ferguson who writes for Great Aussie Patios in Perth. Great Aussie Patios are the wine-loving Perth patio team to help you create the ultimate alfresco area to enjoy your next glass of vino in!

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