Millon Wines The Royal Chardonnay 2018

Millon Wines The Royal Chardonnay 2018This will be the 87th Aussie Chardonnay I’ve logged in my Vivino wine app. I think I may be a bit of a Chardy fiend!

The Royal 2018 Millon Estate Chardonnay is made from Eden Valley (South Australia) fruit. While maturing, this royal Chardy spends time in French oak (about 9 months) to help give the wine a creamy texture. It also undergoes partial malolactic fermentation (tart malic acid is turned into softer lactic acid). Continue reading

Millon Wines Clare’s Secret Rose 2017

Millon Wines Clare's Secret Rose 2017Every time I have a glass of rosé I wonder when they’re going to hurry up and add a rosé emoji! It’s essential don’t you think?

This Millon Wines 2017 Clare’s Secret Rosé from SA’s Clare Valley is made from 100% Grenache grapes and retails for $18. Like the Riesling we tried recently, it has a heat-sensitive label for a unique touch. Continue reading

Millon Wines The Impressionist 2018 Riesling

Millon Wines The Impressionist 2018 Riesling
I’m a sucker for a good Riesling. This Millon Wines ‘The Impressionist’ 2018 Riesling is made in South Australia’s Eden Valley and by gawd I love that label. So darn pretty don’t you think?

The Eden Valley is about 75kms from Adelaide. It’s known for its cooler climate and higher than average altitudes which are great for growing Riesling grapes. Continue reading

Millon Wines Clare’s Secret 2017 Riesling

Millon Wines Clare's Secret 2017 RieslingOn the weekend I decided to make some Vietnamese rice paper rolls. And you can’t have rice paper rolls without wine right 😉

The day before we received a lovely lot of samples from Millon Wines to try (thank you!!). After weighing up our options we figured this Clare’s Secret 2017 Riesling from the Clare Valley would be an excellent accompaniment. And we weren’t wrong! Continue reading