Irvine The Baroness Pet Nat – Eden Valley

Irvine The Baroness Pet Nat - Eden Valley

This time I got my mum and sister-in-law to help me write a tasting note on this sample I kindly received from Good Pair Days (thank you!).

I love hearing what others think of wines – everyone’s opinions are valid and it’s so interesting to hear what people pick up and if the wine agrees with their palate or not.

I’ve actually sipped this Irvine ‘The Baroness’ Pét Nat sparkling beauty before. It’s made from Petit Meslier (a lost Champagne variety) and Chardonnay from South Australia’s Eden Valley.

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Irvine ‘The Estate’ Shiraz 2017 Eden Valley

Do you remember the days of ‘getting ready to go out’? I lived in university accommodation while I was studying my Bachelor of Communications over 10 years ago now and boy do I remember ‘getting ready to go out’. Basically it was drink as much as you can, as cheaply as you can and skip dinner.

Irvine 'The Estate' Shiraz 2017 Eden Valley

It’s safe to say my ‘getting ready to go out’ routine has changed. As in it’ll be a couple of nice glasses of wine before heading out for a nice dinner and in bed by 11pm. And to be honest, I love it that way!

We recently cracked this sample of the Irvine Wines 2017 ‘The Estate’ Shiraz from the Eden Valley and it was the perfect classy tipple to enjoy before going out on our weekly date night. Continue reading

Irvine The Estate 2017 Merlot Eden Valley

Irvine The Estate 2017 Merlot Eden ValleyEvery women needs a decent collection of handbags and quality wine, correct ladies?

This Irvine Wines 2017 Merlot is a single vineyard wine from South Australia’s Eden Valley. The vineyard is about 400m above sea level which means cool nights and longer ripening periods which the Merlot grape variety loves. Continue reading